Dec 23, 2010

Longer Days

I keep humming a song… something like:
“The days are getting longer… seasons bound to change.”
I kept thinking it was by The Carpenters
But none of their titles fit.
Maybe it was a Mary Macgregor song.
Remember her?
Coming of Age music.
Wow. That takes me back.

Christmas shopping is DONE.
AND wrapped.
But not under the tree.
Ritz is confused about a live tree in the house
And why he shouldn’t lift his leg on it.
Not that I don’t think he hasn’t figured it out yet.
He has.
I think.
But I don’t trust him.

Someone mentioned on Facebook
That you know we are having a good winter
When the [Big Fat Lying Weatherman]
Can only talk about last winter.
And really,
We are having a good winter.
As far as winters go.

I rode Windy around the perimeter of the pasture today
To check fence.
And then let the herd out to run.
And they ran.
I was sorry I didn’t have the camera.

Speaking of pictures.
This is GinnyBelle.
You may remember her as Baby’s baby
Born here in 2005.
Quite a surprise.
She lives with my friends, Jules & Steve.
She became a trail horse extraordinaire this year.
Jules took this picture the other day.
She captured her perfectly.

My friend, Sheila, has moved to California.
I'll miss her.
Catch her blog
She is a great writer
And I'm looking forward to her
Sharing her new adventures
On the West Coast.


  1. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Hope you have a great Chrismas!

  2. that is an awesome pic of GinnyBelle! Did you have that much frost? I'm laughing at seeing your face if you ever saw Ritz lift his leg at your Christmas tree! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hey there Tammy!
    You sound great...HAPPY MERRY Christmas to you!
    Your dog...what a dilema that would be for a Ritz indeed!

    I am also singing the "longer days song" all the time now! I am booking my clients for the first day of spring already, and LOVING THAT THOUGHT!

    The photos today are so beautiful..loved the blowing snow.The mare is a sweet looking mare,all fluffy in winter.

    Hopes the day day is bright, this Christmas day, and maybe you too will get a ride in! My husband is working...and I gor some sliegh bells...can't wait to go for the zingle zangle ride!

  4. Belated Merry Christmas Tammy! That second photo is beautiful!


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