Dec 8, 2010

Time Out!

Windy had to take the horsy equivalent of a time out today: visit The Round Pen. I keep a diary of sorts of my rides and about a year ago I had posted this: "Windy was wired, so didn't take her out on the road." Today was much of the same, and I can't say I didn't see it coming. She's been a bit disrespectful lately and I've been a push-over. Today it started with her choosing not to stand still while I saddled, not to stand still when I mounted, and scooting under me like the devil had her tail more than once before we even got to the end of the driveway. I had had enough already! I dismounted and we took the walk of shame to the round pen and I promptly put her to work.

After about 20 minutes, she stood like a soldier while I mounted once again and rode over to the arena for some circles and other riding exercises. Then we ended the day with the ride I had hoped for, albeit a bit shorter than planned. I found today's GPS tracks quite interesting as I had the GPS hooked to the saddle horn. The red smudges to the left of the red "balloon" is the round pen & the big red smudge to the southeast of the red balloon is the arena.

Maybe the next time I am struggling with deviant kids, I should take them to the round pen with a dressage whip.

(Did I say that out loud?) J


Kathleen, of Kathleen's Wild Ride, is still in Hastings. She has a ride to North Platte tomorrow, but no place to lay over or a ride out of North Platte. If you can help her, visit her Facebook page.


  1. Where did you find that GPS page? I GPS all our rides and I haven't found a way to share.

    My friend did a whole presentation to our 4-H group about round penning teenagers. It had us all laughing so hard!

  2. I set up an account on Garmin's website:
    Plug your GPS into your computer and Garmin will walk you thru the steps. Then whenever you record a ride, plug back in, go to Garmin Connect & Upload. The picture I posted here is just a screen shot, but you can record all sorts of data. (I'll post on your blog, too, just in case you don't check back.)

  3. I had no idea you could even do that! That is super cool, I love the stats. Thanks for showing me something new!

  4. That GPS read out is very neat!

    Love your new header. Jingle Bells!


  5. I like this gps set up, might just look into it!

  6. I think my teen would require a whip and then some spurs later.

  7. That cracked me up, stopping the ride and going to the round pen. The walk of shame. I can't tell you how many times I do that. If there's anything funky going on under the hood whatsover, into the time-out they go!

    A GPS for your ride?! That sounds very interesting.


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