Jan 30, 2011

The 30 Day Shred

If I blog about it, perhaps it will up the ante. I would hate to fail and embarrass myself in front of all of you. To FAIL miserably at something in which I want so much to succeed. Finding my figure again!

It's January 30 and 18 years ago today, I wore a Size 10 wedding dress, had a nicely defined waist and only laid on the bed to zip up my jeans because I wanted them extra tight. As the years went by, quitting a smoking habit, having two kids and years of bad eating habits finally caught up with me. I was closing in on a number on the scale that I didn't like; so on January 1, 2008, for the first time in my life, I started to diet and exercise. By August of that year, I had lost almost 40 pounds and not only was I thinner than I had been in years; I was in great physical condition. I had energy and stamina. I felt good!

So what the heck happened? I started slipping back into old habits, not only eating foods I shouldn't but increasing the quantity. I was bored with exercise and found reasons not to go work out. Now 2-1/2 years later, I find myself slipping into those larger sized jeans I kept around "just in case" and finding an almost perfect fit. This is NOT good.

So I am recommitting myself to losing weight and toning up. Not just talking (blogging) about it, but doing it. The formula is easy. Eat less, exercise more. How hard can that be? (Don't answer that!) I've borrowed Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD from a friend and had my first workout today. Now granted, I probably didn't give it 100% (or even 80%) the first time through. One, I don't have hand weights & secondly, I was still learning the exercises, so she would be a few reps ahead of me. But I did get a good workout in 20 minutes. My neck was sweaty, I was winded and when I went to walk down the stairs, OMG, my legs were turned to jelly. So whatever she is prescribing, I am feeling it.

I am setting a goal to lose 15 pounds by Memorial Day. I'll report my progress weekly. I would like to post a picture of myself in some not so flattering breeches so you can see the curves and flab, but I don't want to ask my boys or John for help taking the picture. I'm self-conscious enough. I'll need to wait until everyone is gone and then find a suitable place to position the camera with enough room for the pose. I haven't mastered those self-portraits I see so many are fond of these days. And besides, my arm isn't long enough for a full body shot! No promises on that picture, but I do think it might motivate me.

(A photo also might motivate me to get my hair cut and colored again. It has been a long time since I have seen my natural color and I have forgotten how much I don't like it!)

For today, I'll show you where I have been the last eight years. Here's to finding that 2008 body again!

This was taken in 2003, at my first Cowgirl Weekend. Blue looks mighty substantial, too. I needed a big horse to haul me around!

My first CTR in 2004. Note: I have no waist. How the heck did Ginger carry me around. Hefty, hefty hefty!

Back to CGW 2005. Pulled out Blue again for this ride and he looks in better shape than I do. Jeez, those thighs and that gut! How attractive - not! ! And look at those arms!

Thighs continue to inflate in 2006. Windy is wondering why she drew the short straw for this trip. I am surprised her petite legs can hold me!

Note Windy's muscle tone is getting better in 2007. She has been hauling my ass around for two years now!

This picture was taken one year later, following my 38 pound weight loss & regular exercise. This picture alone should motivate me to go back on the wagon.

And by 2009, you start to see some poundage on the thighs again.

And by the fall of 2010, I started pulling out the big clothes. Windy looks tired.
Here we go again!

Where is that Jillian DVD!

Jan 29, 2011

There’s One in Every Crowd

Lori on Ginger

I went out to the barn twice today. The first time to check on how much of the round bale was left. Not much. They were licking the bowl, so to speak. I dropped down a couple bales of alfalfa to keep them happy for a few hours. We'll hand feed them until tomorrow morning when the corral will once again be frozen and not quite so messy moving in another bale. I went out a little later thinking I might take Windy for a short ride. I slipped on ice on the driveway walking around the garage and I almost went down. Decided then I wasn't that committed to riding today. I stopped in the tack room and grabbed a plastic scraper and decided instead, to clean my mare.

Corie on Zip

Yesterday, I took two horses to Two Rivers; one for me and one for a guest rider, Lori. Windy was dirtier than I have seen her in a long time and I swear, Blue took a roll in the mud and then tried to wipe himself with hay just to get out of loading up to go anywhere! The two cleanest horses, Ginger and Butter, made the travel team. Ginger usually is clean and pretty good for a guest rider, unless anyone runs. But considering there was still snow on the ground, I figured we probably would be taking it pretty slow. Butter is very buddy sour, but when with Ginger, she is usually okay. I gave Lori the choice of which mare she wanted to ride and she chose Ginger. I saddled the Butter-Nut-Case.

Carol on Chief

Talk about amateur hour; just what horses wore these saddles prior to this ride? All the horses have their own saddle so rigging is not usually an issue. Since Case's saddle doesn't fit me (nor him, any more), I brought Blue's for Butter, but tossed in a smaller girth. For some reason, I had a heckuva time saddling both mares. None of the rigging was right. I am sure Lori wondered just what she was getting into.

There were seven of us riding yesterday. The wildlife management area is still closed until February 1, so we rode through the park and around the lakes. The snow was still up over the horses’ ankles but the footing was good. Butter had a few moments going out, but nothing too naughty yet. We weaved our way through the woods on the north side of the park, crossed the only water crossing and headed out down a service road until it ended. When we turned to come back, Ginger got a little high headed for Lori and Butter was starting to lose her head a little. I rode out a couple bucks and some other general nonsense she was dishing out. Lori commented that she was grateful she was riding who she was riding.

Corie/Zip & Terri on "her Ginger" not to be confused with "my Ginger"

Butter would settle down for a while and then I'd ask her to do something she didn't want to do and she would freeze up or run through the bit or shoulder. She lacks the softness that Windy has and braces against the bit. A trainer who as riding with us, (and there always is when your horse is naughty!) gratefully pushed me through a few "oh, sh*t" moments. But after three hours, I was glad the ride was over. I wasn't up for the fight anymore. There are lots of times I am with other riders and see someone struggling with a horse; sucks to be me, this time.


It does make me sad because Butter has been a good little ride for all of us. Primarily ridden by my youngest son, she got away with some bad habits that he couldn't fix when he was little and that he encouraged as he got older. Now lack of use and barn and buddy sourness adds to her unpleasantness. The trainer gave me some suggestions of what we could do to work through these issues; all good advice. Hopefully I'll find the gumption to work on it this spring. She is a good little mare and I hate to see her or whoever is riding her, struggle so much along the way.

The prettiest bay mare.... yeah, right.

I got Windy cleaned up this afternoon, but didn't throw a leg over her. There will be nicer days ahead.

Jan 27, 2011

Guest Riders

I left the office at lunch today. The sun was shining and the water was glistening on the roads from the melted snow. My Durango will be a dirty mess for a few days, (not to imply it is ever clean) but the good news is, the big thaw is happening. It actually read 46*. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same.

I am planning on riding in the afternoon, lending a horse to a friend of a friend who is unable to haul one of her own. We've met briefly before and I look forward to getting to know her better. The jury is out on which horses I will bring; kind of leaning toward loading up the two that are the cleanest. They are probably all rolling in the mud as I type. I am hoping no matter which horse I bring, the guest rider will get along just fine. It won't be like riding her own, but after weeks of cold weather, just being able to get out and ride sounds pretty darn good.

When I first started riding, I would invite anyone and everyone to come over and ride my horses. It usually didn't turn out like I hoped it would. I would blame it on my herd of "untrained horses." Looking back, anyone who knew how to ride could probably have ridden those horses but at the time, I really didn't know how to ride well myself. I would turn into a nervous Nellie; not sure if I was more fearful for my own life, that of my friend or for the horse. Riding around and around in the round pen seemed to be the safest option.

Eventually, I just stopped inviting non-riders to join me and ignored those hinting for an invitation. Occasionally, one of the kids' friends or cousins will ride with us, but that is about all my heart can take. No doubt, my horses thank me for that.

It is a pleasure having horse friends who can ride & just handing them the lead rope to one of my horses and knowing it will be okay.

Jan 23, 2011

Thinking of Riding

Without having this post all weather related, just a quick mention to say that we got another 4" of snow last night with wind, so there is some drifting, again. It was -6* earlier this morning, maxing out at a brisk +6*. I only mention this because horse related, I got nuthin' really. I did let the beasts out to pasture for awhile yesterday afternoon – just to stretch their legs – and then when the snow moved it, the fools didn't come back to the barn. They were hovered under the trees at the far end of the pasture as if hiding from a thunderstorm. And being the softy that I am, donned my coveralls, balaclava and every other ounce of winter gear and headed out to get them.

After struggling briefly trying tie a rope halter with snow gloves, I lead Ginger back toward the barn and the rest followed. No stampedes this time; just the pilgrimage home. But I will say damn, am I out of shape! You'd have thought I was a 2 pack a day smoker as winded as I got stepping through those drifts which lined the terraces on the path to the barn. Not only do I need to lose weight, I need some cardio in my non-existent exercise program. I need a mounting block in the pasture so I can ride back. A BIG mounting block. I can usually find tree branches or logs to mount from and even in the best of weather, that ain't pretty, but in the winter with the ol' Carhartt coveralls, there isn't a chance in hell of swinging my leg over a horse.

So as I take my turn at mindlessly scraping off wallpaper from the stairwell, (and let me tell you, if you ever THINK about wallpapering, DON'T – because they lied about it being strippable! Burnable, maybe. If the house were on fire!) As I was saying, I spend the day thinking about ride season. Starting with the regular events: Nebraska Horse Expo in March, the Platte River Riders' season opener, May Day with my friends, The Friday Before Mother's Day Ride, the Horsetales ride at Halsey and Cowgirl Weekend. Then there are a few CTRs I am considering, too. I am not planning a far away vacation this year, choosing to baby the truck for one more year. I hope to have some weekends closer to home at Rock Creek, Camp Moses, and perhaps Indian Cave. Truly, I could fill up every weekend without trying too hard.

The snow won't last forever. This bloody wallpaper job just might!


Jan 22, 2011

Thank you, Cheyenne

Thank you, Cheyenne, for the Stylish Blogger Award. I don't know that I'm exactly "stylish" -- you should see how I look right now -- but I do enjoy blogging and sharing my stories and appreciate the nod in my directions.

Cheyenne is from Scotland and describes himself as "...an ex mountaineer,and ex Pro Photographer, who returned to horses later in life." He is also a gifted writer and I enjoy his stories and musings on the Cheyenne Chronicles. Keep it up, buddy! You are quite stylish yourself!

There are four things I was asked to do to receive the award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Hmmm. Seven things about me that I haven't shared.... Random thoughts...

1. I am a very picky eater. Celery is still not an option; nor about any vegetable other than green beans. If a recipe called for onions, I would have to cut them up almost microscopic. I have reformed over onions and can now even appreciate French Onion Soup. But keep those other greens away from me.

2. Through work, I have traveled quite a bit. The only states I haven't been to are Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, South Carolina, West Virginia, Connecticut, Vermont and Deleware. I can't recall if I have been to Michigan or not; and find it strange that I can't remember.

3. I was pretty sure my first car was a 1967 Ford Torino, but when I google that particular car, that doesn't look right. Was there a similar Mercury model? Once again, the fact that I can't remember is kind of scaring me. Perhaps I just have the year wrong. Anyway, it was candy apple red and took a little transmission fluid every time I drove it. I had to sit on the hood to get it to close properly.

4. I hitchhiked once. It was really unintentional. For some reason, my car wouldn't start and I had to be downtown. Having never taken public transportation, I hiked to the nearest bus stop sign - no clue of a schedule. After waiting for what I thought was longer than I should, some guy pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride. I told him I needed to go downtown & he said he would take me. WTF was I thinking?? Well, I guess that I needed a ride. Luckily for me he wasn't an ax murderer and simply took me downtown.

5. This is my 25th year with my employer. I am blessed that I like my job, have a great boss, and have had opportunity for much advancement through the years. I hope to retire from there when the time comes. I keep thinking someone someday will figure out that I really don't know as much as they think I do!

6. John sold his cows last month and I really wish he didn't sell Agnes. (Don't tell him I said that.)

7. I get terrible road rage. When Case was in grade school, he had to answer questions about his parents. He made two different references to it. "The funniest thing about my Mom is when she gets road rage." And "she goes on a rampage just to get to the airport." A rampage?? Where did he get that word!

I'm going to cheat just a little since I just reorganized my blog roll. I'd like to recognize all those bloggers on the right hand side of this page. Both lists are those that I read most religiously; some I comment on, others I lurk & enjoy. I hope you will take a moment and check them out. Those bloggers are more than welcome to accept this award & challenge, as I'd enjoy reading more about each of them.

Once again, thanks Cheyenne, and keep the stories coming.


Jan 21, 2011

Moon Pictures & Daylight Saving Time

It was snowing again when I got up this morning, so the clouds covered the moon. I did get one picture of it Thursday morning; if you look closely, you can see it setting behind that farm. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a better morning shot.

That evening, I caught a glimpse of the rising moon and got a few pictures before it, too, faded behind some low clouds.

I do wish I were better at night time pictures. I know there are adjustments to the camera that can be made which would help. Or using a tri-pod. I still am jonesing for a DSLR. With the price of gas going up, looks like I will be jonesing for it for quite some time. I'll save my rant on the price of fuel for another day.

Speaking of rants, some Ya-Hoo senator from Nebraska is proposing Nebraska stop using Daylight Saving Time. WTF? He must sit in the house all the time playing video games because anyone in this state who goes through the long, dark, cold winters and doesn't appreciate the longer days in the warmer months 1) must not work full time during the day or 2) have no life in the good ol' outdoors. I don't know about you, but I about go crazy driving to work in the dark, coming home in the dark and not seeing light of day until weekends.

Those who support this change had a bunch of asinine comments like "I have to wait an hour later to mow my lawn until the dew is gone." Again, WTF??? Mow in the evening like us working stiffs! My blood boils over.

If you appreciate the longer days Daylight Saving Time has to offer, please contact your Nebraska senators & tell them so. I really didn't think we would have to defend this, but the old folks and gamers and the unemployed are coming out of the woodwork over it and we need to be heard over these whiners! Don't know who your senator dude is? Look it up here & send an email today.


Jan 20, 2011

I Saw the Moon

I don't know what it's like in your part of the world, but here in Nebraska-land, we have the prettiest snowfall. Yes, I said that and I'm not medicated; maybe because we don't have six feet of the stuff non-stop for three months. The moon reflecting on the snowfall has been awesome. I am hoping to capture some pictures tonight and tomorrow morning when the moon is in the west sky. I'll share them if they are blog worthy.

I am dieting again! After the holidays, I found myself about 17 pounds over my lowest weight (since the big weight loss a few years ago). It didn't just happen during the holiday – it had been building. I went into 2010 about 10 pounds over, so the holidays were just the icing on the cake. I have started to watch my eating again and as of today, have 14 more pounds to lose. Doesn't seem like much, but when you are losing them for the second (or third) time, it's not too much fun. I have got to start going to Curves again. And I will. Soon. Someone please motivate me.

Actually, my motivation does come from my horse. Every extra pound I carry, she has to carry. And that's not fair for her, especially if I want to do more distance riding. Not only that, but I ride better when I am lighter; feel less like a bag of potatoes balancing on the saddle.

I lost almost 40 pounds when I joined Weight Watchers and Curves a couple years ago and felt better than I had in a long time. The problem I have is I get bored so easily doing the same ol' thing. Going to Curves is B-O-R-I-N-G. Working out is B-O-R-I-N-G. And the food you have to eat is B-O-R-I-N-G. Maybe boredom is just an excuse for laziness – who knows? I'm not genuinely a lazy person – I just have to be excited about what I am doing. I get about as excited about working out as I do washing dishes.

So if you are like me and can stand to lose a few pounds or if you have lost weight in the past, how did you do it? And have you kept it off? Do you ever get to a place where you don't have to think or worry about what you are eating?

Jan 17, 2011

Trail Time

I mentioned in my end of year post that I belong to the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee's Trail Time program. Similar to many of the breed programs, you simply ride your horse and log your hours; earning chevrons and award certificates at year end. For me, it's not about the awards, but about the time in the saddle. I decided a long time ago that if I was going to own horses, I was going to ride them. Not that there is anything wrong with having a pasture pet – God forbid if I physically couldn't ride, I would still want horses in my life – but for now, I CAN ride and will.

Trail Time provides the NHTC with data about where trail riders are riding. This helps our organization when negotiating for new trails or improvements in our horse trail parks. The dues from the program go into the NHTC general fund which provides monetary support to local public trails. Trail Time is inexpensive ($10 for Nebraska Horse Council members, $15 for non-members) and by joining, an easy way to give back to those who open the trails for horse trail riders. If you are interested in joining the program, enroll today.

I've been involved with the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee for almost ten years. It is very rewarding to ride on trails that I personally helped petition for, create or clear. I am very lucky to have a pretty good selection of trails within 30 miles of my home which make it easy for day riding. If I want to drive a little farther, I have even more selections a short two hours away. An easy thing that all trail riders can do is thank those land owners and park rangers for keeping trails open for horse trail riding. Ever mile is precious.

Jan 14, 2011

If My Horse Were a Dog

I don't remember how this conversation got started, but a friend of mine mentioned if her horse was a dog it would be a particular breed. You know, one of those silly dialogues that only crazy horse people & crazy dog people understand. So when I was out with my horses today, it got me thinking of their canine counterpart…

Baby, our draft horse, would obviously match up with one of the giant dog breeds; color-wise, the St. Bernard. She's always hungry and pretty lazy. The only way she differs from our St. Bernard dog, Bo, is that she is more inquisitive than he is. She always has to be in the thick of things where Bo prefers we wake him up if there is any excitement.

Blue resembles a fat black lab; friendly and rotund. His day of playing catch is over. Oh, he might get excited every now and then but doesn't waste much energy doing so. Like a loyal dog, he worries if his family is out of sight and is most comfortable with all his friends nearby.

Ginger would be a golden retriever. Loyal and kind but a little bit worried. Unlike the ultimate family dog, she wouldn't play catch nor would she come when you called. Just because.

Butter would be an Akita. With that said, I have no experience with the breed. It is just the first dog that popped into my head when thinking of Butter. She's a bit aloof and one in which I would take a guarded approach. She can be a bit snarky at times.

Windy would be an Irish Setter. Tall, lean and graceful, not to mention always having her nose in the air. She can act a bit like at aristocrat but then two strides later, look like she has fallen off her high heels and hope no one was looking.

(And this, folks, took an hour of my life that I will never get back... )

Jan 12, 2011

First Big Snow

I am afraid by the time I am home in the daylight, the snow is going to be gone or at the least, tromped on by the dogs. The sunset was really pretty tonight as I rushed to get on my coveralls and winter gear and by the time I got outside, it was almost gone. But you get the idea. We probably had close to a foot of snow fall from Sunday until Monday. Then the winds came up Monday night and we got plenty of drifts. The pasture looks like a bunch of moguls.

While not necessarily a good shot, I liked the contrast of colors in these pictures - the warm barn wood against the fading sky.

It's been chilly this week with highs only in the single digits during the day and ten below or so at night. (Gosh, I sound like a weatherman!) I have blanketed Windy and Butter but the others are always the first ones in the barn and stay plenty warm. I am sure Butter and Windy would be fine, too, but I feel better. It's supposed to be back up to 30 tomorrow, so I'll pull the blankets then.

I've been whining the last couple of days. Still black and blue, I expected I'd heal a little quicker than I am. Seems the swelling has moved to my ankles, which is weird because my ankles weren't hurt. I had hoped to start working out by now and start to lose these extra pounds I found over the last few months, but will probably have to wait another week. I know, excuses, excuses. But I am motivated. I don't want to buy new spring clothes! I sure didn't know keeping weight off would be harder than losing it in the first place!


I tried to post to Blogger via text. Big time fail. So I couldn't leave all that garbly-gook on my blog all day and can't log on at work, so I am attempting to post via Blackberry. Will be back later with a new post and hopefully some pictures of this pretty snowfall we just had the last few days.

Jan 9, 2011

The Letter W

It has been a long time since I have taken the Sunday Stills Challenge. Although it seemed I always had a camera with me on my rides, I wasn’t taking any good pictures. Just snapping away and hoping something turned out at the end of the day. I would check to see what Ed had in store for us each week, but time and gumption prevented me from playing. I am hoping to participate more in 2011.

Today it the first notable snow we have had for the year. It’s hard to believe after the winter from hell last year. So I grabbed the camera and went out to the pasture with this challenge in mind. These pictures are hot off the press; taken a little over an hour ago.

I took this one from the porch zooming in on Baby. Winter is back.

I knelt down to go under the fence. There were weeds in the fenceline.

Ritz, American White Shepherd, never misses an opportunity for a jaunt down the hill.

There were gunshots in the distance that worried Ginger. Okay, that may be a stretch on the letter W, but if you knew Ginger, she does worry a lot! :)

Windy's whiskers are iced over.

is also wet from the snow.

The dogs watching the horses as they watch me walk away.

Jan 8, 2011

Resemblance of January

The wind picked up yesterday with close to thirty-six mph gusts, blowing January back in. Gone are our 40 degree days – for a while anyway. It's a cold 16 degrees right now and is lightly snowing. The Big Fat Lying Weatherman is panic mongering about "a lot of snow", but we'll see. They are more often wrong than right. I have enjoyed the milder temperatures and knowing spring is just a little over 2 months away, I think I can handle whatever winter deals out now until the end of it. I hope I won't eat those words.

I needed a Band-Aid yesterday and the box was empty. So I drove down to the in-laws to where my living quarter trailer is stored for the winter. When I went into the trailer to fetch that first aid kit, it was like looking around a summer home in the dead of winter. It was cold and dark, but not musty as I'd put out some lavender potpourri when we moved it inside. It made me wish camping season were closer. Perhaps we should pull it out early and go south this spring.

When I went to the barn the other morning, I found the horses' manes and tails were frosted. Ignoring the fact that Blue looks like he is about ready to foal in this picture and the unflattering shot of Baby above, (would someone please comb out that tail!) it was quite fascinating how the frost stuck to their fur and flocked their whiskers and ears.

Jan 6, 2011

Black & Blue

Am I really brave enough to post pictures of my legs?

Do you know how hard it is to get a decent picture of your own legs when your legs aren't really that pretty to begin with? And have you ever tried to take pictures of your own body parts? I could have asked one of the boys to take the picture, but they would think it weird & wonder why. Then I would have to tell them that I wanted to post it on the internet to show all of you. And they would think that even more weird. They just wouldn't understand that horse people share our bang-ups like a badge of honor.

I've concluded the bruises are hoof marks. I have a couple more behind each knee which are pretty much impossible to photograph (I tried). Yeah, I was stiff for the last couple of days. There is still some swelling. But it's a long way from the heart so unless a blood clot takes me out, I think I'll live.

When someone at work was showing their cat scratch, I trumped her by pulling up my pant leg and exclaiming that "This is what happens when you are dragged by a horse."

On a slightly more serious note, I have been pondering the whole accident & you know what? I was really, really lucky.

Jan 3, 2011

First Ride, First Wreck

It was the first ride of the new year and we had a little wreck. Windy's okay, I'm okay... albeit a bit bruised. Hoping we got that out of our system now.

What happened? Wish it were a better story. We were riding down the gravel road on a new route from home. I saw a car in the distance and as usual, dropped her down into the ditch next to the road. There was an electric fence running on the other side of the ditch, but no biggy - we ride next to these all the time. This one was a bit different - it was the white braided rope rather than wire, but surely Windy knew this? I don't know what she was thinking, but she turned right into it! It hit her, she bolted & we went through it.

I pulled her to a stop on the other side of the fence. Dismounted & inspected the damage. I couldn't see a gate to get us out, but the fence was pretty stretched so I figured I could step on it and she could step over it. As I got closer, I found there was another strand of wire fence below the braided rope. I gathered up both the strands, stepped on it and asked Windy to step over it. She did. God, I love that she trusts me so. But, as she took the last step, she clipped the fence with her hoof.

She spooked and ran in front of me, the wire on her ankle now wrapping around my ankle. I went down behind her; still holding the reins. She dragged me a ways until I got the mind to let go of her. And when I did, it freed me and her from the wire.

I slowly got up. My shins had taken quite a beating from her back hooves. My horse and my dog were running ahead but not on any mission so I knew they would eventually stop. And they did. After I settled her, I climbed aboard and we went home.

I have quite a little color on my shins which, no doubt, will become even more colorful tomorrow morning. But hoping (knock wood) that the first ride was the worst ride of 2011 and it is only uphill from here!

Kept my New Year's resolution & ended the ride with a smile (over gritted teeth.)

(I posted the picture of Windy after the ride. It is so unusual for her to be this sweated up after a short 6 mile ride. Just shows how worked up she was over the whole ordeal, too.)


Jan 2, 2011

And In With the New….

I have closed the door on 2010

And I am tiptoeing softly into this new year.

The proverbial clean slate.


As I surfed through blogland,

I found I wasn't alone in my discontent with 2010.

But now we are moving on.

Eleven has always been my favorite number.

Two Thousand Eleven.

It has a nice ring to it.



(Horse related, of course.)

Ride more.

Weather be damned.

Dabble a bit more in CTR perhaps?

Limited Distance?

But if it doesn't happen

Don't sweat it.


Ride someplace private

So that Ritz can enjoy the weekend with me.

Tolerate my truck

For one… more… year….

Lope bareback often.

Have someone take pictures of me

And my horse.



Always end the ride smiling.