Jan 21, 2011

Moon Pictures & Daylight Saving Time

It was snowing again when I got up this morning, so the clouds covered the moon. I did get one picture of it Thursday morning; if you look closely, you can see it setting behind that farm. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a better morning shot.

That evening, I caught a glimpse of the rising moon and got a few pictures before it, too, faded behind some low clouds.

I do wish I were better at night time pictures. I know there are adjustments to the camera that can be made which would help. Or using a tri-pod. I still am jonesing for a DSLR. With the price of gas going up, looks like I will be jonesing for it for quite some time. I'll save my rant on the price of fuel for another day.

Speaking of rants, some Ya-Hoo senator from Nebraska is proposing Nebraska stop using Daylight Saving Time. WTF? He must sit in the house all the time playing video games because anyone in this state who goes through the long, dark, cold winters and doesn't appreciate the longer days in the warmer months 1) must not work full time during the day or 2) have no life in the good ol' outdoors. I don't know about you, but I about go crazy driving to work in the dark, coming home in the dark and not seeing light of day until weekends.

Those who support this change had a bunch of asinine comments like "I have to wait an hour later to mow my lawn until the dew is gone." Again, WTF??? Mow in the evening like us working stiffs! My blood boils over.

If you appreciate the longer days Daylight Saving Time has to offer, please contact your Nebraska senators & tell them so. I really didn't think we would have to defend this, but the old folks and gamers and the unemployed are coming out of the woodwork over it and we need to be heard over these whiners! Don't know who your senator dude is? Look it up here & send an email today.



  1. Those pictures are beautiful.....

  2. No tripod needed. Just set the camera on a sturdy surface, and then if it has the "bulb" setting, leave shutter open for different time frames for a long exposure, and see what you get. I have shot a bunch with it on the deck railing, and hold my finger on it with the shutter open.

    You have a great eye for photos, no matter what the camera

  3. I do so love your photography Tammy! I got a tiny little flexible tripod for Christmas...haven't even used it yet...bet you would like it for your eve shots. I will have to look for that setting your freind above metioned though.

    HUM...what a strange thing, the daylight saving debate -NOW- But I have to say, I truly don't understand it anyway.
    The light is staying with us longer, by an hour, I noticed last night. THAT made me very happy.

  4. Here in Alaska DST is a joke. Who needs it when you have 22 hours of daylight anyway?

  5. I think you did a great job on the photos.

    I heard a while ago that the whole country is going to give it up eventually. I've noticed that around here it's starting to stay light until around 5. So everyday we get another minute of light. I can't wait until spring and summer. I hate this darkness.

  6. If we're going to do anything, I vote we STAY on DSL year round.

    Of course, this time of year I'm pricing real estate in Hawaii so I might be the wrong person to ask.


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