Feb 4, 2011

Easy Peasy

If I'm going to have horses, I'm going to ride them.

To keep me focused on the task at hand,
each year I set a riding goal:

x amount of hours in the saddle.

To help me achieve that goal,

I often refer to what I rode the same month in the previous year.

I just checked my riding log from 2010.....


I rode zero hours in February 2010.

It was so cold and miserable last year,
I am not sure I even fed them!
(Just kidding, of course...)

Wow! I really set the bar high last year, didn't I?

I am pretty sure I'll end February 2011 ahead of plan.


The picture in this blog has nothing to do with riding. I was traveling yesterday and got to see the sun rise from the air. I can't believe I got such a shot that is so true to color with my Blackberry -- through a window!


  1. I hope you can smack last year's numbers all to heck.

    The photo is amazing.

  2. Good luck! I`ll be watchin`!

  3. Good luck with the weather and beating last years number.


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