Feb 24, 2011

The Extreme Cowboy Race

I've been knee deep in finishing the Expo schedule and getting it to the person handling the event program. You would think by now it would be a well-oiled process. It is, mostly, but there are always issues: before, during and even after the presses roll.

We also wrote up the dreaded work orders that need submitted to the event center. We need x amount of bleachers here and x amount of bleachers there and a microphone here, a sound system there and tables and chairs every where.... Our facility has 3 arenas, 1 round pen presentation area, a lecture hall, a large exhibit hall, a vendor pavilion and my favorite place, the barn. The complex, The Lancaster Event Center, is huge.

It was down to the wire, but Craig Cameron has agreed to do his Extreme Cowboy Race on the Saturday night of Expo. The event is limited to 20 riders and there are still some rider spots open if you want to join the fun. If you enter yet this week, there is a good chance you'll make the cut.

You’ve seen it on RFD-TV.

Now it’s your turn to play.


hosted by the legendary Craig Cameron

is coming to the Nebraska Horse Expo on Saturday night, March 12.

Twenty horse & rider teams will run a course of obstacles.

Riders are scored on their time and horsemanship.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ride in or watch this SPECTACULAR Expo Event.

The Extreme Cowboy Race flier

Limited to the first 20 entries. No contestants under age 13.

Complete the Registration Form & Waiver found online & send it in

for your chance to ride with Craig Cameron!

I know this Expo stuff must be kind of boring for you out-of-state readers. I'll get back to my regularly scheduled horse life soon!

As usual, the weather report: We had 4 inches of snow in Lincoln today. Driving home was treacherous until I reached the highway just 2 miles south of me and found it totally dry. The snow missed our place. I should go out and buy a lottery ticket! It was our lucky day.


  1. How exciting! I don't mind reading about your Expo. I just wish I could come up there and see it.

  2. fantastic stuff watch it on tv over here! Good luck.

  3. Sounds like you have been busy. It takes a lot to put these things together, but they are so much fun.

    I would say it was your lucky day. My husband was hitting so much snow tonight going east on the Nebraska/Kansas boarder, that he finally had to drop and come home, south... It sucks that we lost the load, thats money right there. But Im glad he's home a day early too.

  4. I like readng about your Expo too. It reminds me of what I am missing by living so far north. The closest thing we have here is a very poor stallion parade in May. Last year there were three or four stallions, three or four vendors, and one food booth. There was an altercation between two stallions so that was exciting.

    Weather here? Not as much snow as Nebraska!

  5. I saw a demonstration of Extreme Cowboy Racing. No way would my horse ever drag around a fresh cow skin and neither would most of the horses in the competition. But it was interesting to watch.


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