Feb 5, 2011

Highs & Lows

What started out a bone chilling, blustery week ended up rather pleasant. The temperatures reached the mid-thirties yesterday which seemed like a heat wave in comparison to what it had been earlier in the week. Yesterday afternoon I took the blankets off the horses and delighted in seeing such clean coats underneath.

I saddled up Windy and took her into the arena for awhile. There were some deep drifts at the north end that she wasn't real keen on going through. So we would go a little farther into them each circle we made. It made me want to laugh out loud as she lunged through the belly deep snow. In places where there wasn't snow, the arena was getting muddy from the thaw. Overall, the footing wasn't wonderful, but good enough for a short workout. After I put her up, I slipped her bridle on Ginger and rode her bareback in the corral for another 30 minutes, having to stop once and rescue the rooster from the jaws of Bo.

I have never seen a lazier St. Bernard, so he sure must be sneaky to be able to grab that rooster so quickly. It also makes me question Bo's intentions or skills. The opportunity to get that rooster is there every day, but it's been almost two years, and the rooster still lives. Is it a catch and release game with Bo or is he just a poor hunter?

Ice is expected later today and the first part of the week is supposed to be in the single digits and teens once again. Ah, shucks. I'll miss it. I leave Monday for Florida! Sometimes these blasted business trips come along at just the right time.


  1. A quote from the St Bernard:
    " What else would one be doing on a day like this?"

  2. Have a great trip. Try to get a tan for me!

  3. Your St. Bernard is just too adorable. Bet the rooster was a little worried, he's pretty big.

    Glad you got some ride time and nice temps. Lucky you getting to leave for some nice sunshine on Monday, enjoy your trip.

  4. Lucky for that rooster you were there to pluck him away from Bo. Bo is a beauty. He looks so sweet. Maybe he was rescuing the rooster so it wouldn't have to walk in the snow...or relocating the rooster. We have a dog that would probably relocate smaller animals to other places. That's what she does with her toys and any household item she can get hold of.


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