Feb 9, 2011

A Little Relief

The last few days have been bitter, bitter cold.

One night it was close to -25 wind chill.

Or so I'm told.

I missed it!

I spent the last three days in sunny Florida!

Dinner on the beach last night.

Lunch on the veranda this noon.

Every midwestern girl needs a little Florida

Especially in February.

I love my job!


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Glad you got some time in the sun - we've got -30F windchills coming tonight, but at least it's almost spring.

  2. Nice! I'm jealous of you and your job!!

  3. Good to hear you're enjoying your job so much!

  4. I enjoyed my time away in the sun, too. I didn't want to come home, but I knew the horses and dogs were waiting for me. If I don't get sun, Tom threatens to put me "under lights" like I used to do to the brood mares to bring them into heat. lol

  5. Oh EXCELLENT Tammy!! Sun and warm quotas are very good!!!
    Happy for you, and happy you only heard of the other stuff~

  6. Your Question: does the Tipperary Sportage have the Dial system?
    It does not. I looked at ta helmet , that sits here on my computer desk-a velvet show helmet- it's size is 7 (and some odd.)..so that put me into the Large Tipperary. I am so glad that I got it L . The Med would definanately be too small. I can even put my ponytail in there!

    They do have other models, that may have that dial system. I'm liking not having it now...I can't even tell I have a helmet on!

  7. Awesome! Enjoy the sun!

  8. Glad someone got some sun. Oh, wait, I saw that thing for about ten whole minutes yesterday. LOL

    Boy am I jealous you got to see real blue sky with warm temps.


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