Mar 12, 2011

Expo – One Day Down

Its early morning of Expo, Day 2. I have a couple hours before I need to be over there; so enjoying some coffee and catching up on the news.

As far as Expos go, so far so good. There has been no major issues and everyone I have spoken to seem to be enjoying it. Van Hargis has had a real warm reception. He has been here before and was very popular with that country boy charm. I sat through some of Jimmie Munroe's barrel racing clinic and one of Craig Cameron's presentations. Still want to see Monty Bruce and there is still time.

There are a lot of great vendors. I bought a pretty bling belt and have my eye on a new saddle pad.

Butter seems unfazed by Expo. Before I left last night, I took her to the round pen for lunging. She was curious of all the excitement, but not spooked. Hope her attitude continues; I would hate to see her stress out.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway by commenting on the prior post. I'll draw for a winner tomorrow.

If you are in the Lincoln, Nebraska area – come on down to the Nebraska Horse Expo!


  1. Really love to come over! But??

    Really pleased to read about the expo success, well done! I shall await further details and some of your great pics!

  2. Excellent Tammy...what fun and I too am glad Butter is seemingly calm about the whole event.

    Looking forward to more..YOU enjoy your Expo..ours is next weekend and I am going to miss Saturdays time for it's the local BIG TACK entire inventory TO GO I pray,is sitting in the room with me now..!

  3. Oh, I would have loved seeing Jimmie Munroe! And Craig Cameron too. Are you a part of the expo since Butter is there?


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