Mar 19, 2011

Getting Her Groove Back

As you may recall, I dropped Windy off with her trainer, Brenda Messick, on Monday to begin her spring tune-up. There were a few things specifically that I wanted Brenda to work on with her. First, being her lope. Simply put: she can be quite lazy and strung out. Now with all due respect to my horse, it’s kind of like disciplining a kid: once I let her get away with it, she gets a little attitude when I ask her to comply. So boot camp helps me to help her.

I also asked Brenda to work on her sidepass. I don’t know if it is my ask or her give, but we have a hard time keeping the back end moving with the front end. She also hasn’t had the best manners at the mounting block lately, so Brenda should keep that in mind while working with her as well.

As riders, we have all heard the saying “you are always training whenever you are riding.” I consider it more that I am applying what I know when riding my horse. I don’t know what I don’t know; and some of the stuff I do know, I have difficulty applying – so let’s just say some of us still need trainers. While I can say I ride a lot, my “training” is limited to what I know AND what I feel comfortable doing. There are some thresholds I am nervous about pushing her through and that is where Brenda fills the gaps.

I thought it would be fun to show you the pictures from her session yesterday. They speak for themselves about her progress under Brenda's program.

I love how collected she is in all of these pictures. And in the close-ups, you can tell that Windy is really concentrating on doing what is asked of her. You could see her ears flicking to Brenda's voice; listening for her cues.

And the best for last....

The video: By keeping her collected, you can see her really working her hindquarters. I just loved watching her movements. She looks like more than "just a trail horse" here! This, after just 5 days! Imagine if I put her in training for 90 days! Ah, but I'd miss her too much. When I rode her later that day, the feel of her under me was incredible. I hope I am able to do her justice when she comes home. She'll stay with Brenda for another week. I'm looking forward to my next session with her as well.


  1. I enjoyed the video. It shows me what to work on. my "working" posture sure is different than my "show" posture used to be, lol. I see that she is bent a little too much to the inside and I'll correct that. I'm glad that was a little bit better stop, but I'll try to get her to drop her face and stop. I really, really, enjoyed the videos.

    thanks for all the great comments about her and the training!

    and the best part was the field riding afterwards. I was so tired last night, after all the riding and sun. The 2nd best part was laying on the lounge chairs, having a glass of wine, and catching up with a friend!

  2. Very nice. I think sometimes they do need a tune up by someone other than us, their regular riders. It seems they pay attention more and know they can't get away with their attitudes.

  3. I think it's great you have a trainer you are comfortable with and your horse gets along with her too. Good for you getting help when you need it and working on your learning. That's what it's all about in my book, anyway.

  4. Windy looks good! It was fun to see the video and hear Brenda's commentary, as well.

  5. ok so i followed you on your other blog too and found out that you hadn't post there since december!?! haha oops! So i decided to come over and find you here too!


  6. She is a gorgeous horse. That's wonderful that you're getting some help with her from a good trainer. I wish I could send all my guys away for a little training!

  7. She looks great! It's amazing what a good trainer can do or a good teacher can help you to do. It's so exciting to see your horse do things you didn't think they could manage because of their build or fitness or whatever. I love surprises like that.


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