Mar 29, 2011

Pet Peeves

It has been gloomy, cold, snowy and very unhorsemanlike (made-up word) weather here in Nebraska. I have nothing to blog about that is horse related. But I do have something on my mind.

The phenomenon of Facebook has allowed us to communicate with the world in ways that we used to only do under our breath. Many times, that results in "vaguebooking".

Vaguebooking, by definition, is "an intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what's going on, or is possibly a cry for help." I don't fall for those anymore because I don't believe that definition to be true. I think people do it just to get some attention or feedback.

Vaguebooking is just one of the things on Facebook which bug me. But it is like a soap opera. I keep going back for more. Outside of Facebook, there are other things that bother me. Some pet peeves, other things that just fall in the "annoying" category. I thought I would list ten which I could think of today.

1) People text me for the sole purpose of telling me to call them. Huh? If you picked up your phone to text me, why not just hit "call" instead! Don't put the onus on me to be the caller and look like the bad guys if I don't Call.You.This.Minute!

2) News videos without text. Scanning, I see a story that looks interesting and when I click, it pops open video. I don't have time to listen to some talking head telling a story. The headline caught my eye; the first paragraph will tell me if it is of interest to me or not. Don't make me load video AND watch a commercial to get to the point.

3) Passwords with a required length, capital letter, numeral and some sort of symbol – all in one. And then have the audacity to suggest it be something I can easily remember. Huh? I don't even know what half the symbols mean. I'm a horse person, not a nuclear physicist writing formula.

4) Placing my order on the drive-thru speaker of Burger King and being interrupted by the order taker before I finish speaking. I have 2 kids and a hungry husband; I have their order in my head and I am trying my best to articulate it. When interrupted to ask what SIZE of drink; I lose my entire train of thought. Would it kill them to circle back around to that at the end?

5) Raisins. They ruin good oatmeal cookies and bread pudding. And always seem to be a surprise.

6) Mini-vans. Enough said.

7) Horrific misspellings or grammatical errors. I'm not talking the occasional typo-o or writing "road" instead of "rode" in error. Or even those who use text words instead of complete words. I am talking to those who probably have a red line under every other word indicating a spelling error and hit "send" anyway!

8) Voice messages. Weird, since I recall getting my first answering machine and how I could not wait to see who called. Now voice messages bug me because I have to go listen to an annoying voice directing me to enter pass codes (see #3 above) to get a 75 second message which is going to require me to return the call and go through the same spiel. So between item #1, item #3 and this one, you can see that phones just really bug me.

9) Shaking hands with the congregation following "Peace be with you". I have just sat here for 30 minutes watching a mother blow her child's nose or some old fart scratch at the back of his neck at what appears to be a bug bite and now we are asked to shake hands. I'm no germ-a-phob; heck, I probably let the dog lick my hand before I left for church and at one time I WAS the mother wiping the kid's nose. But this tired old tradition just creeps me out.

10) When flying, a person sitting in the seat in front of me who feels they need to recline. Don't they know they have now put their head on my lap? I am one who likes to cross my legs. And I do. Ooops! Did I bump your head? Wake you up? Sorry. And I switch legs again.

Oh, there are more that I'll share on another slow blog day. Perhaps you have a few pet peeves you would like to share, too.


  1. LOL, thanks for the laughs. Actually, after you said it, I feel the same way about the answering machine! I almost detest that beeping. maybe I'll just get ride of that machine. and I don't like shaking hands in church during the winter - I've had the flu, I don't want it again. RIght now, I don't have any original pet peeves, but if I think about it, I may come back later! LOL

  2. Wow. Sounds like the cold, gloom and snow are really getting to you. lol!

    I don't have may pet peeves...maybe because we've barely had any snow, cold or gloom all winter? Sunshine and blue skies just about every day probably puts me in a better mood, although the wind can make me feel a little unbalanced.

    I do drive a mini-van...but it's not all that mini, imo. It's a GMC Safari and seats 8. I've had it for over 9 years and it's paid off, so I'm rather fond of it :)

    I don;t shake hands with anyone during the winter and most of the year. I tend to give hugs....a-frame style, but there's less germ sharing that way.

    The only pet peeve I have right now is when people say they're going to help you with a project and then they don't follow through. I am trying to get our raised bed garden prepared and built, and hubby promised to help, but that was over 2 weeks ago. bah!

    Of course, he did help me take my mare to the vet today so I really shouldn't complain.
    Oh well, I guess I have no pet peeves today. lol!


  3. Loved the pet peeve list, very funny! And I agree with a lot of them! I have quite a few pet peeves, but would take up too much space to list them all!

  4. Have to agree. What is Facebook?....Lol!! Dont use it, wouldnt use it.

    Your pet peeves are spot on. I went to church a little while ago, there was a new minister. After we all filed out, he was shaking everyones hand. It came to my turn, I looked him in the eye, and smiled. He shook my hand. I wished I`d never done it!

    His hand was limp, greasy and cold!!!!Urgh! But that apart, why?

  5. My pet peeve that jumps to my mind is automated telephone menus, complete with audio responses which the computer asks me to repeat EVery time.

    That, and calling a business and having the real live person I've finally reached on the phone redirect me to their website. (If I had wanted to wade through that I wouldn't have called on the phone, right?)

    Summer, come quickly!

  6. LOL!!! I agree with everything you have listed.

  7. Yup. I can relate. I just always thought I didn't know what was going on with Facebook. I've hardly used it. I'm better with Twitter, but not by much. The news videos are also annoying if you are at work and trying to read the news on your lunch break while others around you are still working. Passwords: My brain has the capacity to remember two passwords, but with each site I go to, I am forced to make up a new password because of their rules. I'm probably a frequent flyer when it comes to pressing the "Forgot you password?" links. Every time someone in a drive-thru interrupts me, I make them wait while I ask everyone in the car a second or third time what it is that they want. But of course that makes us and everyone in line behind us get their meal later than they would otherwise.

  8. Oh, that was funny. My daughter does the "vaguebooking." But she's fourteen! And I agree with you, Facebook IS just like a soap opera and you can't help watching! You get hooked!

    I HATE the news videos when there's no text! If I wanted to watch TV and have noise, I'd have it on!

  9. I'm actually sitting here getting annoyed. I really hate cell phones and texts too. In reality I don't even know how to send a text. I agree with everything you've said here. Especially about phones and the jerk in the seat in front of me in the airplane.

    One of my pet peeves is having people talking on the phone and texting in cars sometimes coming at me head on. Geez, what did you do before you got the cell phone and were able to take your coffee clotch friends on the road with you. The other place it annoys me is in the grocery store, I have enough to think about when shopping I don't need to hear your conversation about what's going on in your uneventful little life while I'm doing it.

  10. You need some sunshine and quick!

    The one about the voice mail hit home. I hate them. Just text me or call back. Some times I'll let a message languish for hours - even days.

  11. Grey Horse, in reality I don't know how to text either. As a matter of fact, I don't know how to use my cell phone period! But I have to admit I don't mind overhearing other people's conversations in the supermarket. I'm nosey. You wouldn't believe what I heard yesterday in Walmart!

  12. I'm right there with you on these pet peeves and GHM's too.

    One of my pet peeves is also word verifications. I hate those things. They are difficult for me to read, take too long to load, and if I have to do it three times because I can't read the things, I're really toast. LOL

  13. Good list. I also have facebook and texting peeves. I am absolutely amazed at what our so called friends/family put on facebook. And the texting? What junk. Pick up the phone and call!


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