Mar 23, 2011

This & That

In my quest to put as much time on Butter as Brenda is putting on Windy, I believe I am falling behind. Quite a bit behind. My evenings this week have been full of family or work functions, only allowing me a little time on Monday and it wasn't real productive. I did pull Blue out for a little workout. Then Case hopped on Butter and galloped her around the arena. I wish I was as comfortable on her as he is. We took the horses out for a little while and rode down our trail into the pasture.

Now the weather has returned. The bad kind. It is windy and cold and the weather bug says 33 degrees as I am sitting here. We have a fire going again in the wood stove. There is rain and snow conditions predicted the next couple of days and into the weekend. March weather is so unpredictable.

I did pull my big trailer out of storage this past weekend. Having it here at home makes me feel a little closer to spring. My calendar is filling up with riding plans – more than I can possibly do. But spring rains will dampen some of those opportunities. So if I can make half of them, I'll be doing well. Windy comes home from the trainer on Friday. All dressed up with no place to go… yet.


  1. Its always the same, plans! Then they go to rubbish! Family, or in my case decorating! My OH wanted the interior rooms done, so I agreed, but then the weather changed too great!!! And I`m here with a damn paint brush in my hand!

  2. I jumped on Scout for a little ride last night. It was clear, but cold! Today is supposed to get windy again.
    How exciting that Windy had a refresher course. Sounds like you have a great summer planned. I hope it all works out for you.

  3. Glad Windy is coming home from her tune-up and will be raring to go. You've got the trailer all set so the first good weather day you're all ready to set off on an adventure.

    We've had snow the past two days, not much, just enough to be annoying. It will melt soon and I'm hoping for some sun/warmer temps so we can ride a little.

  4. I know! This weather is crazy. At least you're trying and have a goal in mind. Maybe if you paid your kids?

  5. Sorry the weather is interfering with your riding plans. Seems to be going around. Hopefully spring really is coming soon.

  6. Ahh too many horses, how I long for such a problem....winter is nearly gone though. Maybe it won't rain?

  7. Love the lazy"hayed"look there!
    Me too..
    Stuck inside, sick, but even of it weren't that..
    Sucky weather on the non blue plate special here too . Your mare will let her training SINK IN real good..and be ready for you! Hang in ~

    I had an email today, earlier than both your s & Jeni's comments, for the Mecates .Sure didn't see that coming, to sell those neat reins, to someone here in bloggerville! I'll try here first, next time!


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