Apr 19, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine

I don't think I can scrutinize the buds on those trees anymore than I have. It looks like they are still there and perhaps just a little behind last year for blooming. Of course a little sunshine would definitely help the situation but like many of the rest of you, we seem to be lacking that element this spring. The April showers continue along with cold temperatures. I am almost mad that the weather is so damp and miserable. We are one week away from the annual May Day ride with my friends and I am in denial over the long term forecast. What does The Big Fat Lying Weatherman know anyway?

Although cloudy, windy and overcast most of the weekend, John and I did get some things done in the yard. The mere mention of "pruning" trees brought out the chainsaw and I'm hoping what is left of the windbreak survives such amputations. We also walked a mile of fenceline and fixed what was compromised this past winter by deer and snow drifts. We still have a month before we'll put the horses out in the pasture, but it will be ready when we do.

While fixing fence, we trimmed some of the trees on the trail around the perimeter of our property. Good thing John isn't scared of heights! After we got done with that project, we saddled our horses and took a quick ride around where we trimmed. It's all good to go… if the weather ever breaks.

Speaking of "break", Val over at Fantastyk Voyage and her good horse, Scout, encountered a pack of domestic dogs while out riding this past weekend and took a spill. As horse people, we hate to see our comrades injured and worst of all, unable to ride for a spell when riding season is upon us. She tells it best in her own words, so if you are so inclined, jump over to her blog and send her a note. Get well quick, Val! You have ponies to ride!


  1. Sunny it definitely has not been - I'm looking out the window at big fat snowflakes right at the moment, and they're coming down hard. Rumor has it next week we're supposed to see a slight warming trend. Sure hope so!

  2. First of all I love your new header picture. Second, poor Val we're all wishing her a speedy recovery.

    And lastly, I think we will never ever have warm weather again!!!! This past weekend was miserable here too, I'm feeling like we'll have no Spring and then go right into 90 degree humid weather for summer. Good to know if the weather ever does change you're all ready for it.

  3. I don't think pruning is done with chain saw. But I get it - any excuse to pull out the big guns. I see that we in MN are not the only ones confused and saddened by the ups and downs in the weather. Right now, rumor has it more snow is on the way. I just want to get my spring cleanup done! And trail ride, of course.

  4. Our tree buds took a beating from massive hail last night so maybe yours were just being smart!

  5. Sounds like you're making the bets of your rain and still getting 'er done around your place...and riding, too.
    Our weather has been terribly dry and the winds fierce. Hopefully the winds will die down after May, and we'll finally get some much needed rain, just in time for Val to have her cast removed :)


  6. We are just skipping Spring and having 2 winters instead....I mean really, must it continue like this? I have never been so angry at the weather before, not like this.
    I sure hope the weather clears up for your ride!

  7. Paint Girl and I are in the same state and having the same two winters so no good words about weather here. Hopefully we're going to see a summer. Chain saw pruning sounds like my hubs would do.

    I read Val's posts. So glad she was wearing her helmet and I sure hope she heals quickly.


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