Apr 14, 2011

Comments to Comments

It was so fun to read all of your comments about the horse show I entered last weekend and I appreciate your support. I think every winter I get so stir crazy that once spring hits, I'll do anything to get out and ride. And with Windy just coming back from training, there didn't seem to be a better time.

Usually Windy is pretty "spring fresh", but the two weeks that she spent at Brenda's getting a tune-up worked wonders for both of us. Do horses start growing a brain at age 9? Although Brenda has always done a great job with her, this time it was different. I'm not sure Brenda changed her ways as much as Windy started paying attention. And perhaps I have been more consistent in applying what Brenda taught both my horse and me. Whatever combination, it worked.

Mikey, I knew there was no way she would step on that mattress. We were given the opportunity to dismount and try the obstacles, but I didn't have a lead rope on her and I didn't want to try to pull her across that mattress. Windy is funny about things underfoot anyway; she doesn't like mud or hard clods. Once I tried getting her to cross a bridge that had a slight teetering motion and no-way-no-hell was that going to happen. So I let her look at the mattress; snort at the mattress and then we moved on. While I was watching, I only saw one horse cross it. But then I was told at the time that only a handful crossed the bridge, too. I was very disappointed that Windy wouldn't cross the bridge for me. It was very much like the one we have going over our creek at home.

Knotty Dog, Lisa & SunnySD: when and if you get the opportunity (or gumption) to want to show, this type of show was certainly a good one for me as a started. Heck, I probably won't go any further than this venue. I just want to try new opportunities without a lot of pressure. The casual nature of show and the support of those who put it on were priceless.

I enjoy reading about the Arabian shows MiKael attends (and manages). I appreciate your thoughts about the gate and would love to hear the other ways this obstacle might be presented. When I see the show pictures on your blog, I am in awe of what that must entail to accomplish such elegance in a show environment. And by the way, I am totally enthralled in your legal story right now.

Pam, thank you so much for riding in that English class with me and Mindee, maybe you should be my wing(wo)man next time! Bring Jamboree and come join me sometime. We would have a blast or fall off trying!

To the rest of you, Gray Horse, Funder, and Cheyenne, who offered an "atta girl", thanks! It is encouraging and I appreciate your kind words. I am pretty sure I will try it again real soon!


  1. thanks for all the compliments. I really enjoyed riding Windy this spring. I think both of us clicked with each other and she learned fast! I'm glad you and her are able to do some of the same maneuvers, and that she is listening to you. That is only because of your work with her!!!

  2. Thanks for answering, I wondered if anyone crossed that mattress. You got me wondering if I should try it on my horses, lol. It's certainly something I never would have thought of, and given the sponginess of it, I bet most horses wouldn't cross it. Mine would give me the big "HECK NO" lol.
    You did great!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time- I'm glad you did it.

  4. It was the gate, I was talking about. It can be a right hand pull or push or a left hand pull or push. That makes four different ways it can be done. Two of them require backing through the darn thing. I like schooling all of them because it stops my horse from anticipating what we are doing and he doesn't get ahead of me.

    Thanks for your kind words about my show blogging experience. I think it's fun to see how we measure up against the others. It's also a good way to measure my own knowledge and skill level. As competitive as I am, it helps keep me on my toes and that's good.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the legal story. I'm equally glad it's about over. It was a long hard year. I hope people have been able to learn from my mistakes. I also hope maybe those people who did this might just think twice about taking advantage of others. The horse industry can do without such people. Learning about horses is tough enough as it is without others trying to exploit in the process.

  5. The show looked like fun and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I think you should do it more often. I don't show anymore but a show like that might get me back it looked so different than what I'm used to. I'm wondering if Dusty would go over that mattress?

  6. Yeah . . . well, if I ever figure out how to post a trot I'll let you know. :)


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