Apr 25, 2011


It's been a long time since I received no comments at all on a blog post. The weather just hasn't been conducive to his horse life. So I am scrambling to find something horse related to write about that might be interesting! I guess the arena conversion wasn't it. (Laughing…) That's okay. It is what it is.

Today isn't much better. Its lunch hour and I am at work. Of course it is raining and fairly dark outside. Quite dreary, this makes me sleepy and still provides no interesting blog material. I got some ideas from other blogs about a series of things I could write about. I may have to resort to that soon. If I could only find the blog where I saw those ideas…

Horse related: I groomed the herd yesterday. What a mess! I had hair up my nose, in my mouth and on my clothes. And they wouldn't leave me alone. If I was grooming one, their herd mate was biting and bullying to try to get their turn. I finally sat down in the wood trough and let them come to me. That did nothing to restore the order. I changed plans and starting picking their feet. They didn't find this as pleasing.

I have plans to camp this weekend. It is the annual May Day get-together with my mid-state friends. We have all been watching the weather and finally, the rain has all but been taken out of the forecast. A little sunshine will do us good. Not to mention time in the saddle with my friends. And food. We eat very, very well. And hopefully it will provide me with some blogworthy material.


  1. We finally had one nice day last weekend, but I had to work. But when I got home I groomed all my horses and let them graze. I hate shedding season! Hair ends up everywhere!
    Now it's back to rain....again. All week they say....sigh.
    Hope the weather holds up for your ride. We all could use some good weather so we can get our horses ridden! Have a great week!

  2. The rainy weather is as depressing as the snowy days of winter were. Around here Saturday rained and was really windy. I rode anyway. But Sunday was beautiful and sunny, did I ride...no because I came down with a really miserable cold.

    Hope your weather clears and you have a wonderful time riding with your friends this weekend.

  3. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Grooming is very good and soothing to all concerned - I love seeing the summer coats emerged. At least you didn't make the mistake I did one year, which was to put on Chapstick and then groom a heavily shedding horse - very bad idea!

  4. I laughed out loud at the chapstick comment. I've done that too! It's amazing where you will find horse hair this time of year. :)

  5. Eh - don't worry about the comments. I think people were just busy with the holiday. My comments have been down overall lately and I'm trying hard to not take it personally.

    Glad to hear about the weather forecast. Jamboree needs a bath in the worst way and we've been waiting for a nice weekend to get it done. Maybe this will be it!

  6. I am just in from work, the paying kind!
    So I`m off to the field to check on my lot, and groom them. No tea again for me today, its already 6.30pm. At least I will have lost some weight this year!

  7. My blog comments have been way down, too. Figured that folks were just bored with all my horse photos. Oh well. I still enjoyed posting them and I'm blogging for me now anyway :)

    We had wind guts of 72 mph today and even snow flurries. I am SO over the wind this Spring.
    Everyone's saying that there won't be any pretty Spring days this year and we'll just jump from dry, dusty wind to hot, dry summer.

    Have a fun horse camping trip.


  8. Wind guts. lol!

    That's just what it feels like, too. :D


  9. I'm just getting started in this blogging' thing', lol, and really need to work on getting over to read other blogs, but I know I need to get better about posting on my own first! lol Going to see if I can get signed up for e-mail delivery. Your arena looks awesome. Getting one put in here will be next on the list... after the chicken coop, barn and all the house stuff. I love going into appointments and picking horse hair off my clothes. :-)


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