Apr 28, 2011

Royal Guests

This morning, on Jonni’s Facebook status, she had posted the following:

“What is your royal wedding guest name? Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents' names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street on which you grew up. Let's do this! Post yours here. Then cut and paste it into your status.

Using Lady Pearl Fluffy of Agee’s instructions; my maternal grandmother’s first name, my first dog and the cross street we lived on, my “royal name” is Lady Katerina Mitch of Collett.

I thought this would be a fun post for the Horsetales Yahoo group, only using our first horse name instead. My name would now be: Lady Katerina Dolly of Collett

It was fun to watch some of the others post their names.

Joni was Lady Bertha Starlet of South Shore Drive.

Bertha! Now that’s a name you don’t hear much.

Jess was Lady Arlene Barron of Rock Circle.

She works with a lot of men. I told her to tell them to start addressing her as such.

Annette was Lady Georgine Pony of Route 6.

Sheila (Lady Mahala Sundance of Main) said about Annette

“I don't think you are going to get premier seating with that moniker..”

I didn’t mention to Lady Mahala Sundance of Main that she sounds like she is a character out of Lonesome Dove.

Then our token Horsetales gentleman, Joel, is Lord Arthur Rightis of Gout.

(There is one in every crowd.)

Others include:

Lady Christina Coronal of Kilpatrick

Lady Lydia Beauty of 12th

Lady Alpharetta Silver of Third Street

Lady Esther Dillon of William

Lady Ruth Ringo Star of Steele Lane

(A musician, no doubt)

Lady Dorothy Morgan of 54th Street

(from old money)

Lady Ashley Prince of Kansas

(a cross dresser?)

Lady Ann Jordan of Ostrom

Lady Wladislowa Sunday of Dupont


Lady Josephine Annie of Ringland Road

Lady Agnes Morgan of Virginia

Lady Dorothy Desiraye of Ironwood

Lady Francis Peaches of 55th

(sounds a little like a lady of the night)

Lady Audrey Velvet of Buck Creek

(another western character)

Lady Ruth Jenny of Sabula

(not sure if she is from biblical times or Jamaica?)

Lady Beulah Star of Central

(a gun-slinger?)

Lady Lillian Clue of South Covell Avenue

And that, is how we passed our time this morning.

So what would be your royal name?


  1. This is fun, mine would be:
    Lady Adeline Ginger of Connetquot Ave.

    Not getting a front row seat with this name either.

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Lady Delphia Toby of Melrose. What fun.

  3. Lady Deborah Sandy of Norgate

    We moved a lot when I was growing up (Navy brat), so I chose the first address I remember. :-)

  4. Lady Elverta Bosco of Aylesworth. Don't think I'll get a front row seat either. :)

  5. LOL!! Yes, Lonesome Dove madam, indeed,---
    that fits! Signed, Lady Mahala Sundance of Main

  6. Those are some good ones. I've seen this going around on FB, but not with horse names.

    Mine would be:
    Lady Agnes Baby Doll of Clover



  7. Lady Gladys Joy of Oakridge

  8. Hey! Mine is just like Lady Pearl Fluffy of Agee's--I would be Lady Frances Fluffy of Ege! (pronounced E-gee not edge)


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