Apr 15, 2011

Save Our Buds

Today started out cold and dreary with lots of rain. The winds picked up and made it down right miserable. And if that wasn't enough, the icing on the cake was a good inch or so of snow.

Here is what it looked like today, April 15, outside my back door.

Here is what it looked like April 23, 2010.

I am hoping that today's nastiness did not ruin the buds on my flowering trees. We only get the chance to enjoy them once a year and it depresses me to think they might be gone. Right now it is 35 degrees; the wind-chill is at 24 degrees. The low tonight is supposed to drop to 30 degrees. If the timing of the blossoms is close to last year, we'll know in a week if they are lost.


  1. Oh, you poor thing! I know you've about had it by now. But you CAN'T get much more of this!

  2. No more snow!!! I hope the buds will be okay. Can't believe you've got snow now, seems you were warming up last week. Ugh!

  3. This year old man winter does not want to give up, that is for sure. Love the pictures.

  4. WAaawith you!
    I think..oh yes, I KNOW things are blooming around here too..but the greyish,blackish skies hide the color. Springtime is a HOLDOUT this year!
    Hanging on with you Tammy!

    Love the cozy munching shot~

  5. Bless your heart.

  6. Our fruit trees have all budded up. We dont need a frost at all! last thing we need.

  7. You've got the weather we had last year. Except we never see it that green even when we do get more snow and rain.
    But this winter was very mild, hardly any snow and no rain, except a sprinkle last week in over 7 months. It's dry, brown, parched and very windy.
    My apple trees are budding now, but my peaches haven't yet. I need to water them. Like I said, it's so dry.


  8. Everything here is way behind it has been so cold. Maybe you'll get lucky and that will be the case. I sure hope so, those trees are gorgeous when they're in bloom.

    Today we had hail and temps like winter.


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