Apr 15, 2011

Songs & Cell Phones

Rainy Days and Mondays

Not Fridays!

Karen Carpenter never mentioned Fridays

At. All.

Guess there will be no hanging laundry on the clothesline today....

Or riding.

I hope the three bales of hay that I threw for 5 horses last night

Lasts until at least noon today.



I have officially lost my "work-issued" Blackberry

In my house

And with the lousy spotty Sprint signal

Out in this neck of the woods,

It may never be found.

How do I lose a Blackberry when I have a pocket?

Found it.

Went to move my cursor and put my hand on my Blackberry.

Black mouse pad. Black mouse. Black Blackberry.

I need a new color scheme.

Doesn't even say it missed a call. Figures.

Because it can't GET any calls!

Here's a Sprint ad campaign:

"Sprint. Why bother?"

McCain has my real cell phone.

The one who uses that tower I can see from my window.

Long story on why he has possession.

But if you called, texted or left me a dreaded VM on that number

Chances are I didn't get it.

McCain and Sprint have a lot in common.


This is all I have today.

Slow news day.


  1. Bet you looked all over the house before sitting down at the computer and finding it. Par for the course around here. Hope the weather clears, we're supposed to get it tomorrow.

  2. You're so right about Karen Carpenter. There was no mention of Friday in her song. You'd think that'd carry some kind of weight with the weather gods. They have no respect!

    I thought I was going to get to ride this morning too. There was only a narrow window of opportunity before the rains were supposed to come but I set my alarm to make sure I hit it and the darn weather didn't cooperate. I'm so bummed.

    Glad you found your cell. I've lost mine a time or two and it's very frustrating. I don't get a great signal in my house but outside it's ok.

  3. Ah yes, good old Sprint. I can't answer a call while I'm anywhere near the dreaded kitchen sink ... or with my right hand if I'm sitting at my computer, and it will drop a call if I walk over the threshold out to my deck. You'd think I lived in a mansion. It's 900 sq. ft. Amazing that I can't get coverage in the whole thing!

  4. I think you're going batty from too much winter.

  5. Cute post. lol!

    I don't have a blackberry and I rarely even remember to take my cell phone anywhere with me (except when riding). You could call me a technophobe and I'd be ok with that. Mostly I just don't like to be bothered by calls, texts and people when I'm in the middle of something. Just call me anti-social. lol!


  6. Been there done that with the missing phone. So embarrassing after I've ranted and raved for hours.


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