Apr 23, 2011


I see the trees in Lincoln are in full bloom and mine still haven't blossomed. I am not giving up hope; we are a half hour north of Lincoln and usually a little behind the season changes. You wouldn't think it makes a difference, but it does. I have commuted to town since 1992 and have seen the differences. So I am remaining cautiously optimistic. We'll give it another week.

Does this recently worked up arena just shout "come play?" Well, it's my arena and there won't be any horse hooves on it for the next couple months. Today we seeded it to grass. (Big sigh.) I have wanted an arena here since I got my first horse and it took us several years to put it together. But I can't say I have used it as much as I thought I would and the maintenance to keeping the ground worked is more than either of us want to deal with. I want to ride; not play in the dirt! I start out each spring trying to keep the weeds down but if I am gone a couple weekends in a row, they take over. And then I end up mowing weeds and then the stubs from the weeds are uncomfortable for the horse and its one big mess. Finally by fall, I'll have John help me hook up a disc or a harrow and work away those weeds.

Even if we used heavy chemicals for weed control, I still think the upkeep is more than I want to do. John's tractor and ground equipment are old; nothing I can just start-up, hook-up and go. I don't like having to rely on him to help me with my horse-related things; there are always so many real projects that need attention. And he doesn't like me messing with his stuff anymore than I like him messing with mine! J So, this is the best solution I could come up with; plant grass. Oh, it will stay an arena; it will just be a turf arena. I'll still use my ground poles and barrels and other equine toys. But I can also flash graze the horses in it and easily mow it with my riding mower when needed.

So today John worked up the arena one last time. We sowed about 100 pounds of assorted grass seed which we believe is going to be heat resistant and have the ability to deal with high impact activity. It is certainly possible it won't be ready for use until mid summer or so, but that's okay. I've been using the lower pasture for schooling and still have my round pen. Most of the time I am trail riding now, anyway. We have been lacking in sunshine lately and hoping the dreary days are behind us now and there is just good weather ahead.

We haven't been having the miserable rains like MiKael and Paint Girl has been experiencing, but spring is certainly taking its time to get here. It's been cloudy, damp and just plain cold. It did clear up enough for our Wednesday ride with the Platte River Riders and again on Friday for our FAC ride. I've put over 100 miles on Windy this spring plus the time she spent with Brenda. I am camping next weekend (if the weather holds) and then will be getting ready for the Friday before Mother's Day Ride. So I believe Windy will be more than ready for the Hill & Dale Competitive Trail Ride later next month. I wish the pounds I need to come off before then would come off a little faster than they are right now. I know I would feel better and can ride my horse better when I am a bit lighter.

Happy Easter, everyone.


  1. You can't have no comments!

    Is that Windy tied to the trailer? Looks like a barrel horse to me.

    I would die without my arena!

  2. You just need some goats or llamas. They will scour those weeds and keep the dirt arena clean. Ask me how I know....

    You're lucky grass grows so well there, though. We don't plant grass seed...it will just blow away and need to be watered several times a day.
    Without any rain all year until August and September, growing anything takes a lot of effort and time...and water.

    Last week our apple trees began blooming and greening up, but only because we are watering them.
    Down in Albuquerque, just 20 miles west, but 2,000 ft lower in altitude everything is all bloomed out and everything is green.

    This year has been the worst for New Mexico winds in over 15 years. We've had 70mph+ wind gusts and today we even had snow flurries along with the winds. The dust is everywhere and I can't keep my skin from being dry, scaly and itchy even after applying lotion all day.

    Everyone here keeps saying that we're never going to have any pretty Spring days to enjoy. We're just going to move from dry wind and blowing dust, to hot dry summer days.

    Have I mentioned I am SOOO over the wind?


  3. @Debi: I'll still have my arena - it will just be grass instead of dirt. Since I spent more time riding in it with weeds than dirt, I think grass will be an upgrade! LOL! Yes, that's is Windy tied to the trailer. She does have the barrel horse look and the legs to run it but she doesn't have the heart for it. Her mama does. Ginger runs like the wind and would die before she would stop without you asking. Windy just lopes along in no hurry at all!

    @Lisa: I loved your blossom pics on your blog & surprised your drought hasn't hurt them. Isn't the wind terrible? We have had our share of that this season, too. I hate to say I am ready for summer, but this spring hasn't been very nice.


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