May 26, 2011

Back Home Again

Things I learned on my long weekend:

  • If the literature says it's a 6 hour ride; it's a 6 hour ride
  • Snakes look incredibly like driftwood and I can scream like a girl
  • Show-horses-turned-trail-horses are the easiest to line up for pictures
  • If you think a horse fell in the trailer, you probably blew a tire
  • Fried food at a bar sure beats a cold meat sandwich from the cooler
  • And yes, you can go home again


  1. How true! Only today, got my details for the ride on the 29th May, 5 hour ride, travel to venue 3hrs!!!!

    So I brought the horse up today to the stables, some d*ckhead, had scattered broken glass all over the track! One car tire blew, and one trailer tire! I can totally sympathize! Anyway, need new tyres.

  2. Can't wait for the backstory! Sounds like a heck of a ride :)

  3. LOL, "If you think a horse fell in the trailer, you probably blew a tire". Oh no. sorry this happen.

    Then you make me sad when you said, "You can go home again". For me to ride where I grew up would be 17 hours away with a horse trailer. I don't know if that would happen anytime soon.

  4. LOL at all of them!

  5. Sounds like you had quite the adventure.

  6. HA!!
    Yea, those do sound like being home is the place to be! OOU..sorry about the tire and glad it WAS NOT a horse down!
    Be well, and I look forward to the extended version Tammy~

  7. Sounds like your lessons learned could each be a blog post all on their own. hehe!


  8. I hope you're going to tell us the backstory on this. Sounds like quite a tale......and I can scream like a girl too when it's warranted. LOL Snakes are number one on my list for that.


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