Jul 31, 2011

Forever Young

I went shopping with a friend today.  While I am just 30 or 40 miles outside of two major cities, depending on which way I go,  I wanted to shop with someone who could appreciate what I was shopping for (horse related, of course) so I drove 90 miles to go shopping in a city closer to my friend.  I am sure both of our husbands were scratching their head over it; they won’t ever get it even if we explain it to them over and over again. 

Driving home those 90 miles, I stumbled across an oldies radio station (gosh, isn’t there a better word?) that must have been reading my personal play list.  The Eagles, John Denver, a little Springsteen and even Meatloaf thrown into the mix.  I knew the words to every song as well as I did back then. 

“Glory days well they'll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days, glory days”

I thought about my own sons; the oldest going into his senior year this fall.  Youth.  Its such a grand thing and I am pretty sure he thinks he will have it forever and I am equally sure he thinks I have lost my youth and given in to age. 

“Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep, dark night…. I can see paradise by the dashboard light.”

I have a secret to tell my son.  I may have aged and I’ve long since stopped wearing bikinis, but my hair color hasn’t changed since I first discovered this color at age 18.  When I have to put on my mom hat, I may appear to be a bit crotchety, but when I am on a horse or even out in the barn, I feel every bit as young as he does.  Youth is wonderful.  But it has little to do with a particular age or driving fast and running hard.  It has to do with how it feels in your heart.   

I just thought I’d share that little revelation with you. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. Although the birth certificate says a certain age I still feel young. Especially, when I'm with the horses or riding.

    And I listen to those "oldies" all the time. The music nowadays is garbage, for want of a better word. Nothing different it all sounds the exact same to me.

  2. The older I get, the better Glory Days sounds. LOVE the line about discovering your color!

  3. Now that has never been said, better!
    Too true, but I always think youth is wasted on the young!

  4. I love it!! And...couldn't agree more!! I just wish I knew now, what I knew then. Now that would have been perfection!

  5. Aaahh...what I meant to say was - wish I knew then, what I know now!! Haha!! :)

  6. I sometimes forget how old I really am. I hope everyone else does too.

    Call them "classics", not oldies. Yeah, that's what I've been listening to lately because there's more variety.


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