Jul 18, 2011

The Heatwave Continues

Nebraska Heat Index

Spell check is trying to convince me that “heatwave” should be two words.  I could Google and find out, I suppose, but in this case I am pretty sure I am right.  And if I’m not, it should be my way.  So I’ll walk on the wild side with this one.  Truthfully, I am pretty sure the correct way to spell heatwave when the heat indexes exceed 110 is H – E – Double L. 

Some bad news to share:  John's niece visiting from Arizona wanted to ride this past weekend.  Got up early on Saturday to beat the heat and saddled two horses and mounted up.  Before we got out of the driveway, she took an unplanned dismount.  Unhurt, but shaken.  And not interested in getting back on. 

bb 025

Now onto some good news.  Both our grass hay and alfalfa have been cut and there is no rain in the forecast.  If all goes as planned, they should be baled tomorrow. This cutting is going into large round bales so at least there won't be any picking up and stacking to do; they will get moved off the field with the tractor.

bb 019

Although the horses have an automatic waterer in the corral, I have been filling up an extra tank a couple times a day so they can have some cold water from the faucet.  They come over and a few of them dunk their heads up to their eyeballs.  Windy plays.  She stands there for the longest time splashing herself and others all around her.  When I got home tonight, that tank was empty.  I think she was the culprit.

(Click to enlarge)

Off-topic, the above picture was taken at Howells, Nebraska.  John is working on the steeple of their Catholic church.  If you look closely, you can see him hanging from the side.  I can look at the pictures of his work but in real-life, it gives me the willies.  I hope neither of our boys aspire to be a steeplejack.

Speaking of kids – totally off-topic, Jewel and Ty Murray named their new son, Kase.  Spelled differently than my Case, but the first time I have heard of anyone else using that name.  Cool!  (FYI – my Case is one syllable like suit-CASE, not Casey.  Not sure how Ty pronounces it.)

That is all I got, folks. 


  1. That is hot!! We finally had our first day of partly sunny skies in the upper 60's for the first time in a week.
    Sorry to hear about John's niece. Glad she is okay though!
    My OH works on commercial buildings and does a lot of high rises, I always worry about him being up so high! I couldn't do it, I have an extreme fear of heights!

  2. Lol, I could never get up that high on any kind of roof. People that do amaze me!
    And look at y'all, getting AZ temps. Shade up!! That's gotta be record breaking temps for there.

  3. That's just tooo hot for anybody to deal with. If I were the horses I'd be splashing myself all day too. Sorry to hear about your niece's unscheduled dismount but glad she wasn't hurt. I give steeple jacks a lot of credit, I'd never do it. My husband's grandfather did that for a living way back when. Stay cool and stay in the shade/air conditioning until this blows over.

  4. I like heat and even I am about to cry "Uncle" right now. Ugh.

  5. My dearest friend in South Carolina named her middle son who is now 16 years old, Case. It's not a common name, but I really like it.

    I'd get butterflies in my stomach watching my hubby hanging off the side of a tall steeple like yours. whew! What a hard-working, brave man you got there!

    So, which horse was it that sent your poor niece to the ground? Did you get back up on that horse to make sure things ended on a positive note? Did you get to enjoy some of your own riding anyway?

    So cute that your horses enjoy playing in the water. I've contemplated taking a sprinkler up to Apache's paddock and see if she stands under it, but she's not even all that happy about getting a bath. She did seem happy about me putting her fly mask on today, though. The flies have finally gotten bad enough to start protecting my mare from their annoying onslaught to her eyes.

    If only we could get some rain, though.


  6. Lisa, John's niece was on Ginger. We had planned to ride around our section and Ginger has a good forward to her; new riders don't have to work hard with her; she is pretty point & click. But she will get uppity on the way back so I had planned to have her ride Ginger out & then switch with me and ride Windy coming back. We saddled at the barn & were heading out our driveway when I realized our St Bernard was following. It was too hot for him so we stopped at the house and I asked my son to take him in the house. There was enough hesitation that Ginger decided she should go back to the barn. Ginger has a good stop on her, but wasn't getting the message from a novice rider. She moved trotted back and the rider fell. By now the sun had come out and I was sweating like a pig but didn't want Ginger to think she won. So I ponied her from Windy all around our field trails before I brought her back to unsaddle.

  7. It's too hot to Google spellings. I'm with Mindee. I like heat but I'm crying uncle too.

    I love the name Case or Kase. It's different without being weird. It's strong and cowboy-like. Very cool that Ty and Jewel named their son Kase too.

    I never knew there was such a job as a steeplejack. How does one get into something like that?


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