Jul 1, 2011

Hot, Hot. Hotter than Hell.

Summer is here. Finally. I had a sneaking suspicion we would probably skip spring. We pretty much did. I can’t complain too much; I’ve been riding up until the heat index climbed to an unbearable 106 degrees yesterday. It’s sitting right at 98 right now; but lacking the humidity of yesterday. And this is when the wind is welcome. The temps are supposed to be a little more reasonable this coming weekend.

I logged a couple hours of saddle time the day before the bad day. It was bad that day, too, but I thought I could ride it out. Windy said, “Huh?” After the first mile, I tended to believe her. It probably wasn’t a good idea.

The holiday weekend has us going all over. John has family in town from different parts of the country; and a family dinner tonight. There is an extended family softball tournament and another family event on the 4th of July. Hmm. What to do: ride my horse or play softball? I am so not cut out of the sports cloth. Easy answer. Ride my horse. I’ll go to the dinner tonight and the firecracker event on the 4th (even though I really, really, really do not enjoy watching backyard fireworks).  And truth-be-known, I work full-time to get these 3-day weekends. I don’t think it’s out of line to spend some of it doing what I want to do. You know? As I get older, I become more selfish with my time.

Happy Independence Day!


To my fellow Blogger friends who use Blogger.com.  I need some help....  I usually write my post in Word 2007 using the "new blog" function.  I then save, click on "publish" or "publish to draft".  This function has stopped working.  Simply says "cannot publish this post" while in Word.  I get the same response whether I am using my desktop or laptop.  I have checked the accounts and it is showing the correct one.  I tried to look online for a solution; seems others have this problem but can't find a fix.  Anyone know?



  1. Now that hose looks refreshing!

    Can't help you with Blogger. I just make my posts directly on to it.

  2. If I were you I'd be standing under the hose too! You're really hot out there.

    I hate backyard fireworks too...boring. Go have fun with your horses, you've earned it, and visit later on.

    Have no idea how to help with the Word problem. Sorry. Happy 4th.

  3. Yeah, heat with no humidity is much easier to deal with, but don't try to convince my hubby, John, of that. He'sbeen working in Phoenix for the last month, living out of his truck and showering, and sometimes sleeping in the airport and coming home on his days off. The temps have been 120 degrees the past week and he had a tube of toothpaste in his truck that exploded from the heat. He has no doubt that he could cook an egg inside his truck. lol!
    He says that dry heat's not so bad if you don't mind sticking your head in a heated oven and trying to take in deep breaths. Painful!
    He said he sometimes feels like fruit leather out in the heat...all dehydrated and and thinned out.

    We've had temps in the 90's up here in our mountains which is unusual for us above 7,000 feet above sea level. We usually keep our temps in the 80's until late July and then only have a week or two of 90 and above before it cools down again with the monsoons. But this is a strange year.

    Enjoy those fireworks, they are banned her in all 33 counties in New Mexico due to the extreme fire risk.

    Have no idea how to help you with the Word 2007 issue. I've been using Windows Live Writer, a free blog writing and publishing software, for over a year now. It's simple to use and you don't have to be online to compose a blog post. Plus it includes some basic photo editing benefits, too. Maybe you might want to consider trying that instead?


  4. Try "Windows Live Writer" I use it for the draft, pictures an` all, then with its own publish fascility, straight to blog!

  5. Our street will look, quite literally, like a war zone on Monday. I don't know how we manage to avoid the ER year after year and I sit on the edge of my seat sure that the next thing to go off is going to take a hand with it.

    So I feel for you.

    Enjoy your horses and your weekend!

  6. I'm glad you've been getting some riding in! Hopefully the heat backs off before long.

    Regarding Blogger, Google has been rolling out all sorts of new functions this week. Unfortunately I would not be at all surprised if their new configuration is causing issues with Word 2007. Like a few other people have suggested, try Windows Live Writer. If it's not already on your computer, you can download it for free. I use it to post to some of my Blogger blogs, and it works very well.

  7. Your horse looks like they are enjoying the cooling off, it’s been quite hot where I am, the horses have had to take some days off when it has been too hot, but now we have got some cooler weather so it’s back to work. I hate back yard fireworks, I won’t go into detail as to why I hate them, but I say go and do stuff with your horses and have fun.

  8. Perfectly wonderful times..a bit hot true. We ate not that hot..have an 8o day, then 2-3 69 ones, with cloud. I am not complaining either.
    You are so sunny...I'm with ya though...I'm skipping the sports venue and the parade my.hudband is marching in( hate crowds) I'm riding for the fourth of July! Freedom is found on the back of my.mare!

    Have fun Tammy.!


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