Jul 4, 2011

Independence Day


I spent a couple days with friends at a nearby horse camp.  It was the first time we were there this year; the trails were pretty overgrown.  We’ll need to take our weed eaters out there soon and do some clearing.  Luckily, only one trail was blocked and we easily cleared it with a trail saw.  

After our second ride, Windy was a little off.  She had stumbled once and caught herself; I think she may have rolled her ankle a bit.  John was coming out the next day, so I told him to bring Butter along and I’d give Windy a break the rest of the weekend.  I soaked her foot and then gave her some bute.  I wasn’t overly concerned, but since I have a spare, why not use it. 

Of course, it rained overnight.  Rain seems to be a theme with our camping trips lately.  It was iffy if the trails would be in good enough shape to ride.  We waited until closer to noon to ride out.  They were a little greasy in spots, but not bad.  John rode Butter and I rode Ginger.  Butter pitched a few fits early on (buddy-sour issues with Ginger) but he rode through them and she settled down. 

windy 034

It wasn’t a long trip; rode just 24 miles, but it was nice to get away for a little while.  I didn’t even pull my camera out until everyone left.  Windy was quite aware that all the horses were gone from camp and as a result, struck some nice poses. 

Backyard fireworks later (I am thrilled!) and then this loud holiday will be over.  The three day weekend was nice; the cause for the celebration noble, but I will be happy to be done with fireworks for another year.  You folks who live in states that ban them are very lucky.

This is my first post using Windows Live Writer as many of you suggested.  So far, so good.  Thank you for the recommendation.


  1. Windy is a beauty! Her coat is so shiny, her ears are up, the dark background flatters her profile~ perfect shot!

  2. Glad you got to have some fun with your horses before the fireworks. I hope Windy is going to be ok, but I am sure she will be fine with your care. Have a happy 4th of July.

  3. Yeah, I don't miss fireworks at all. That's not what Independence Day is about anyway. So many folks seem to forget the real reason for celebration and just think it's a holiday for beer, BBQ and fireworks.

    Anyway, glad you had a nice weekend horse camping. It's great that your hubby enjoys going, too and is so horse savvy. And 24 miles is nothing to sneeze at. wow!

    I'm glad that the Windows Live Writer is working well for you. I started using it over a year ago and will never go back to posting directly to blogger again.


  4. Look at that gorgeous mare! And did you do the artwork banner horse w/ flag!? So cool.

    Yea, this is my first 4th down in town-and not horse camping.. I hate fireworks, and camping Is so peacefully wonderfully quiet.
    Sorry for your rains, glad you had a spare mare. Hope Windy mare comes good soon for you.

    We had a fab independence day ride today..longest on the new saddle.

    Glad the new writing format has proven successful!

  5. 24 miles?! That's not long?! Wow, you go girl!

    Are there states that ban fireworks? That's almost unAmerican, isn't it? Though they do make me nervous because of the animals. Luckily there's never anything around me.

  6. Just 24 miles? You sound like a future endurance rider to me! ;)


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