Jul 27, 2011

No Rhyme or Reason

There are a lot of things on my mind right now.

None of it horse related.

Just kind of in a funk.

The heat and humidity are making our sport as unbearable

as it is when there is snow and wind-chill factors. 

Work is crazy busy right now

Which is good.

It makes the days go faster and really tests my skills. 

I still work well under pressure. 

I mourned for a friend who lost his father.

And I prayed for my sister’s husband

who faces heart surgery

after a heart attack while out fighting a fire.

He’s on the mend.

I’ve been disappointed recently in what I perceive

as the right and the wrong way of doing something.

And it reminded me that if the outcome is the same

To take the kinder route. 

I have been struggling with parenting again

And fear it is a lifetime battle. 

When its good

It is very good.

(The picture in the previous post was all in fun.)

And when its bad;

It just sucks.

And through all of the above,

I appreciate the support of those friends

Who have let me lean on their shoulder

via phone, cyber space or in their company.

I have had this poem going through my head.

It goes something like …

“A time for hanging on and a time for letting go….”

It is not Ecclesiastes 3

or “Turn Turn Turn”

but similar.

My sister and I use to collect poetry

Or “sayings” as we called them.

I know this was in our collection,

but she can’t recall it either. 

When I find it, I’ll share it. 

But know the moment will have passed.

I think I need a road trip,

a little John Denver on the radio

and time in the saddle when I arrive

to get me back on track.

If weather breaks next week

I am so there. 

I am already there.


  1. Take me with you!!!

  2. You are so in, Mikey. You get shotgun!

  3. Ditto to everything you said about parenting. We've been in a lull that I have a bad feeling is about to end.

    We really need to meet up for drinks some time. :)

  4. Hugs. This too shall pass!

  5. I think it's just the mid-summer funk thing you've got going on. Seems summer is almost over and with the miserable weather we haven't got in as much riding as we thought we would.

    As for parenting, it has its ups and downs but it passes as they get older. Hang in there.


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