Jul 5, 2011

So Far So Good


I really hate to jinx myself but so far, the riding season has gone as planned.  Despite the EHV-1 scare, it really only detoured my plans.  Instead of a planned competitive trail ride, I ended up riding the Peckerneck, a trail less traveled.  

Halsey 2011 128

We have had our share of rain days but only once has it been enough that I have had to pack up and come home.  It rained everyday while we were at Halsey, but being that we were in the sand hills, it didn’t hamper our riding, nor did we get wet. 

(View of Omaha - photo from web)

The flooding continues here in the eastern part of our state.  The worst of it is along the Missouri River a good sixty miles from us.  Travel between Nebraska and Iowa is limited and the I-29 is closed in many places.  It may create problems with a trip I have planned in September, but I’ve worked out a Plan B through Plan D to deal with it.

windy 057

I had a specific riding goal in mind for the year and I am within 5 hours of that goal.  If everything continues as planned, I should easily close that gap.  Heading into July, life is good.


  1. Wow, plan B through D. You're even more anal and organized than I am!

    Now how come you didn't get wet at that sand place if it rained every day?

  2. Debi - the rain in the sand hills always came at night, so we didn't get wet riding. But unlike eastern Nebraska - where the trails get muddy and slick, in the sand hills, it is just that, sand. The rain just soaks right in. It is the most wonderful type of ground for riding.

  3. Wow, love that picture of Omaha! Glad you're having such a wonderful riding season :)

  4. That's one reason why I chose to move back to south Jersey rather than north Jersey. It's sandier down there. The footing is great for the horses! IF I ever get out of here...

  5. I admire how you set goals and get out and meet them. It's been such a weird year weather-wise and the bugs are horrid. I think I spend my time working hardest on finding a way to battle flies. It just may be the year of only two or three trail rides for Luke and I.

  6. I'm so glad for you. I know how discouraged and antsy you get when you don't have your hours in.


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