Aug 2, 2011

Go West!


The weather is suppose to break tomorrow.  I could already feel the change tonight, even though it was still pretty hot.  Got the trailer cleaned out and reloaded.  Tomorrow I head west!  I am planning to join the Platte River Riders Central group out near Calamus Lake.  A mini-vacation of sorts.  Windy and I are both getting fat just hanging out and doing nothing.  


I took some pictures of Case the other day, I have so few of him without his ‘dress code” school hair cut which will happen this week.  He had fun posing for pictures on Baby.  She is as big as a couch and didn’t miss a bite of grass during the entire photo shoot. 

This past weekend, I worked on a trailer project.  And when I get back, I am taking it in to a real RV guy to do some more improvements.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it! 



  1. He let you take pictures? I'd have to come up with a major bribe for an actual photo shoot.

    Have a GREAT trip!

  2. Baby looks like a comfy place to lay. good shots.

  3. My oldest daughter used to love to lay on her mare like that. Good memories. Great post!

  4. Fantastic to have such fin horsey vaca plans! Yea...being held up for the weather being too bad( or too good) is fattening! And new trailer accessories...oou, can't wait to hear...and see!

    Please take a close up shot- through Windy mares ears- for me!
    Be thinking bout ya!

  5. Have yourself a well earned vacation! But lets see the pictures when you get back!!!

  6. oh my goodness, I hardly recognize him, he is getting so old looking! I just picture him when he was about 10. I don't think the boys look alike at all, but I can see McCain in him in that 2nd shot!


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