Aug 13, 2011

Here and There


Two-a-days foot ball practice at two different schools.

School starting for the boys on two different days

I missed the first day of my son’s Senior year

And I’ll miss the first day of the other’s Freshman year

Why does work travel pick up about the same time

As life starts to accelerate?


prr moon enhan


I did get out to ride with the Platte River Riders

on Wednesday

And this time made it to the trail

But two miles from home

The unreliable truck started to sputter.

I gave ‘er hell and got about a half mile from home

Before having to pull over.

Once again had to unload Windy

And ride her home.

She is calling foul!

I had a refrigerator put in my gooseneck trailer

It was done today and no way to go get it.

Good friends to the rescue.

Someday I’ll devote a post to everything I have been through

With that stupid truck.

But I just need it fixed. 


Spent a couple days outside Denver a couple days ago.

Next week Chicago.

It’s been awhile since I did much travel for work.

I’m out of practice.

Home feels good.


  1. So sorry to hear about your truck troubles! That is never fun.

  2. Sounds busy and frustrating. At least you were able to ride Windy home. Hope things calm down soon.

  3. But that was so great you could actually ride home! How cool is that?

    What kind of work do you do that you're traveling to Chicago?

    What kind of articles are you writing for that magazine? Essays like you write here?


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