Sep 22, 2011

Eisenhower State Park / Melvern Lake


Gosh, what day is it?  This gypsy caravan, as we are now calling ourselves, continue to make our way across Kansas.  I am writing this from Milford Lake outside of Junction City.  We’ll be breaking camp about noon to head to our final destination – joining other friends for our annual Cowgirl Weekend.


On Tuesday, we camped at Eisenhower State Park and rode the trails of Melvern Lake.  The day was absolutely God’s gift to us.  After some light showers in the morning, the sun came out, the temperature stayed mild and it was close enough to perfect.  Around every corner was a photo-op – the horses back-dropped against such a blue, quiet lake.  Although the leaves on the trees aren’t changing quite yet, the sumac is turning red and we are starting to see hints of autumn.


Once again, this Kansas campground is second to none.  Each camper is offered a nice rocked camping pad with electrical hookups and water.  Huge trees provide appropriate shade that even in the summer, the camping would be wonderful.  Each pad comes with a big piped corral for the horses with water and easy access to the compost pile. 


We rode just under ten miles and got back to camp in time for a light lunch and another light shower as we loaded up the horses to head to our next stop about 120 miles down the road.  It rained intermittently as we traveled but had let up when we reached camp.  Once again, the campground is above and beyond our expectations.  We settled our horses into their covered stalls and decided to give them the rest of the day off.  We had a nice dinner, a few marsh mellows over the campfire and called it a night.  We’ll ride today before we head out to our final stop of this trip.   

Thank you for your notes from my previous post.  Grief is very awkward to me.  Its very seldom, thank God, that the pain is deep enough to pass to the core of my psyche and 99.9999% of those who know me and those of you who don’t, have been very kind and supportive and I am touched by your words.  Now that I’ve slept on it, I realize I shouldn’t have taken the bait and let one comment overshadow the kind words shown by everyone else.  You have all really lightened the load and I am blessed to have people in my life who truly understand. 


  1. Heavenly times in such a perfect time...change is in the air and ripe for allowing it to blow over your heart.
    I am happy that you can enjoy such beauty inwardly and outwardly.

    Take care and I hope that what ever was written that disturbed you, will blow through and away, sweet Tammy.

  2. Wow, that looks like a wonderful trip, and to be sharing it with friends would be perfect! Beautiful...
    I'm so sorry about your recent loss of a beloved family horse. We think of our horses as family, and whether the loss of a loved one is human or animal, it hurts greatly and leaves a hole in ones' heart. Losing someone/anyone leaves our lives forever changed. I'm so sorry.


I am so glad you stopped by and look forward to hearing from you! Do come again.