Sep 18, 2011

Southern Bound


Thank you so much for the notes of condolence.  Grief over losing a horse - an animal - is very real.  People who have never loved an animal do not understand.  You all do and I am touched that you reached out.

I slept late, took a shower, did my hair and put on a little make-up.  I needed to work at our church bazaar dinner and seemed as good as any to get out of the house.  None of the church people will know of my loss; I should be able to make it through the afternoon.  Imagine my shock when the first person I served coffee to asked, “So how’d it come out with your horse?”  Small town, shared vet. 


Later this afternoon, I finished loading the hay and water into the trailer.  The sun finally came out and I felt much better.  The horses had made their way up to the corral and I filled their extra tank.  We have an automatic waterer, but they enjoy playing in a  tank. 


Cowgirl Weekend falls the same time every year and the first sign of the horse’s winter coats are just beginning to show.  Windy turns a beautiful mahogany this time of year.  It is tradition that I bath and groom her before the big weekend but yesterday I could barely function.  I couldn’t imagine having the gumption to take on that task.  Today was a better day and I was anxious to spend some time with my horse.  I pulled her out and shampooed, conditioned and Show Sheened her.  There is nothing prettier than a clean, bay horse.  I couldn’t help but think I just combed  Ginger’s tail two days ago.  I could still feel the texture of her hair against my hands; much finer than Windy’s black tail.  When I finished grooming Windy, I put her in the round pen for the night so she doesn’t get dirty.  Butter will keep her company.

I’ll hit the road at o’dark hundred.  I picked up the audio book Heaven is For Real;  I thought it would be a comforting on my journey.  Our first stop will be in central Kansas, hopefully arriving before noon.  The truck has a new fuel sensory device, new tires, a new pitnam arm (whatever that is) and two new batteries.  A kiss for luck and we’ll be on our way (name that song). 



  1. Oh Tammy just sad my heart is for you still.
    I lost it when mentioned combing her tail out just days ago. Listening to your audio book good . There is an author that lives here, he's a pastor too. His passion is studies on Heaven. His name is Randy Alcorn. His books on heaven really comforted me on the animals being there.

    You take care and hugs to you and Windy mare.. XO have a great trip!

  2. "We've Only Just Begun"

    I bought a newer horse trailer about a month before my old mare passed away... and the configuration was perfect for her. She would have had her own stall and not had to be jostled around.

    She never got to try it out. She passed away 2 days before we were going to move to a new barn.

    I'm so sorry hon.

  3. Carpenters, "We've Only Just Begun". Now I can't get it out of my head...
    I think the drive and the ride with friends will be good. Peace my friend.

  4. Hoping for even a touch of healing for you.

  5. So sorry to read of your loss - it never gets any easier losing a friend and companion, but hopefully the memories of all the time you had with her helps. Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful trip with plenty of time relax and reflect on happier times.

  6. Your weekend will be just the thing you need.

  7. Have a great time this weekend. Windy and you out on the trails sounds like a perfect trip. Love a clean horse too, unfortunately, that doesn't last long.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about Ginger! My heart is breaking for you :( Hugs!


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