Oct 19, 2011

A Fancy Mare


Fancy Mare

“Here’s your one chance, Fancy, don’t let me down.”


Although Lucy was a close second and Maggie May was my personal favorite, John has decided we can try the name “Fancy” on our new mare and see if it sticks.   Of course we usually end up with barn names for our barn names….


Blue’s registered name is Reggie Blue.  He came to us as Dewey and that just didn’t roll off our tongue, so we called him Blue.  But though the course of his life with us, he’s been nicknamed Edgy Reggie and Blue Boy.  Baby isn’t registered and when we got her, I named her Duch.   But she has always been our Baby.  When we got Ginger, her name was Katie.  I always wanted a horse named Ginger, so we changed it.  She had also been known as Red, Little Red and Redneck. 


Butter came to us as Butterscotch.  We shortened it to Butter.  But depending on her mood, she is Butter-Butt, Butter-Ball, Butter-Nut, Butter-Rum……


I think I told you Windy was named as such because she was born on an incredibly windy day.  When we sold her as a yearling, her new owner named her some Indian name like Commanche or something like that…  Then the next owner called her Misty.  When she came back to us, so did her name:  Windy.  But her nickname is Poo or Poo-Bear. 


So who knows what the Fancy mare will end up being called in a long run, but for now, Fancy it is.  And due to chilly temps and biting wind,  the above picture is the best that I could do today.  There will be better days for better pictures. 


  1. Welcome Fancy!! I look forward to getting to know you!

  2. Fancy...I like it! She is a pretty girl too.

  3. Great name, I like it a lot! She is a Fancy gal.

    Funny how we always change our horse names. Sometimes we call our Blue- BooBoo or Blue Boy. I won't go into all of them because there's too many to go through. Good luck with your pretty girl.

  4. That's a great name! What a beautiful face she has!

    Names are the fun part. Here are mine:

    Lowdown's papered name is Im Justin Image. I thought that was boring and I thought Lowdown was cool and I always think of him when Boz Skaggs comes on.

    Harley's registered nanme is Harlequin Mask because his face was half white and half black when he was born. Now he's all grey. Harley was an easy nickname.

    Bullet is Bullets Ricochet RRR. I say the R's like a growl.

    Steel is FSB Special Steel FX. He's a dark grulla and I thought he looked like warm steel. Is there such a thing as warm steel vs. cold steel?

    Doc is Dandy Doc Challenger and he came with Doc.

    Minnie is the mini. She also came with her name. Sometimes I call her Minnie Mouse.

    Am I missing someone?

    Oh, I might as well mention the dog. He's Motley. He's motley-looking plus we like Motley Crew. Sometimes we call him The Big Stupid.

    When I was a kid and played with a collection of plastic animals, of course the horses were my favorite and I had one I named Ginger.

    Anyway, good luck with Fancy. She's gorgeous and must have a great mind too if you've already got her out camping and she was good!

  5. Fancy?.......Short and sweet, sounds good to me!

  6. Fancy is a perfect name for her! I don't know when I've seen a prettier face on a mare.

  7. What a great find. Sorry can't help with the name, I can't even name our own animals.

  8. I think that is great he liked the name Fancy! She has a very delicate head..it fits!


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