Oct 30, 2011

Washington Arabians

Kanopolis 073


We were coming through Kansas today and had this big rig pass us.  On the door of the truck and the trailer said “Whelihan Farms”.  I pulled out my Iphone and googled and found Whelihan Arabian Farm in Washington.  I seem to recall Paint Girl mentioned going to Oklahoma for an Arabian show and followed MiKael’s trip to Oklahoma, too.   I wonder if this group wasn’t returning from the same show.  They turned west before we hit Nebraska.


Kanopolis 074


We had a perfect autumn weekend; will fill you in on it soon.  My sympathies to those west and east who had their first snow storm this past weekend.  I know our time will come.  Until not, we are soaking up what is left of fall. 


I am so glad you stopped by and look forward to hearing from you! Do come again.