Oct 16, 2011

We Found Her!

Here is a portion of the ad I placed on my own website:

Wanted Sorrel Mare
  Ad Description : Looking for a 2 - 4 yr old sorrel or chestnut mare.  Healthy & nice looking a must; unstarted okay.  We do not want anyone else's problems.  We recently lost one of our good saddle horses and looking to replace her.  QH, appendix or solid paint okay.  Grade horses considered.  Nothing gaited and no spots.  Solid sorrel.  Must mature to at least 15hh and be more lean built than stocky cow bred.  Big butts need not apply.  And please, nothing that is bred or exposed to a stallion......

BB and NEW MARE 087

And this is who we brought home today.  Not too bad, huh?  Details to come….



  1. Looking forward to hearing more! Pretty girl :)

  2. Very cool, she looks nice!

  3. Real pretty girl!

  4. That's the age I like to buy for the same reason--I don't want anyone else's problem. I like them started though. I'm reading the rest of the story. She's gorgeous.


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