Nov 5, 2011



This post is terribly off topic and titled as such because my goal today was housework.  And then horse time.  But I keep getting sidetracked from cleaning.  I absolutely HATE it. 


Here are a few things I thought I would share with you with regards to housework.


1)  Laundry Detergent.  I am no longer a brand snob.  When Tide and Cheer were no longer available for under $10, I started trying some of the store brands and found there is NO DIFFERENCE in the cleanliness of my clothes.  Dress clothes turn out just as nice and football uniforms still need a stain sprayer.  But I bet I save 75% by buying the no-name brands. 


2)  Dishwasher Soap:  I did not find the off brands to work as well but a friend’s plumber recommended Finish over Cascade and I tried it and concurred.  It works BETTER than Cascade and is cheaper, too. 


3)  I will never, ever buy a front load washer again.  I don’t know if its just me, but a lot of my freshly washed clothes end up on the floor in front of the washer before getting loaded into the dryer.  I HATE it.  My luck this will be a washer that will last forever but if it doesn’t, I will replace it with a top loader.


4)  And unrelated to housework, why the heck is diesel fuel over 50 cents higher than regular.  I cannot WAIT to trade in my diesel for a gas burner.  So there!


Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program. 



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  1. I have always used the knock-off free'n'clear detergents. But I am still a dishwasher laze/snob! I buy those Cascade Action Pac things exclusively - I hate pouring or squirting the right amount into the little cup that much. (And the other brand, the one that comes in the round cardboard container, they're ~individually wrapped~ and that drives me nuts too!) Blush. Now you know my secret wasteful ways.

    I love my frontloader! I am not very good at transferring clothes and I've always dropped a piece or two per load - I strictly believe in the 5-second rule for wet clothes.


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