Nov 13, 2011

Wrapping It Up


Today it was time to do the dirty.  The dirty job, that is, of cleaning out the trailer, winterizing it and putting it away for the next few months.  With the price of diesel at $4 a gallon, it certainly doesn’t take much arm twisting.  For any day rides, I can take my bumper pull hooked to my Durango and enjoy the 60 cents a gallon price difference.  And before you say diesels get better mileage…. ah, no.  Mine doesn’t.  My 1/2 ton Durango with a hemi pulls my bumper pull with better mileage than my diesel.  And most of my friends who have 3/4 ton gas burners get better mileage than my diesel.  But if you have hung with me over the years, you know how I feel about my truck.  I hate it.  But anyway, back to today…..


Photo Nov 13, 11 30 01 AM


The trailer wasn’t in bad shape; I am usually pretty good about cleaning it between trips, but hadn’t since we returned from Kanopolis.  I swept the shavings out and then pulled the mats and cleaned the floors.  I also scrubbed manure and fly poop off the walls; stopped short of the ceiling other than spraying it.  The cold water coming down my shirt sleeve was a bit much for November.  I took a “before” picture, but forgot to take one after the work was over. 


trailer 005


In the living quarters, I cleaned out clothes and food items that I didn’t think would winter well.  Drained the water tank and scrubbed the counter, refrigerator and and floor.  All that’s left is draining the water heater and pulling the battery.  John made room in what I lovingly call his “80% Shed” (My friend Mary and I are blessed with handy husbands but commiserate that many of the projects are only 80% done.)  Next weekend I’ll finish the job and hook up the bumper pull to my Durango and make sure everything is working on it.  And then Miss Fancy Pants will need to have a loading lesson in that trailer.  She has been real good about loading so for and I don’t expect a problem, but I also don’t want to find a problem if I were in a hurry. 


misc 039


I had a minor meltdown today.  I was putting things into the tack room and was mindful of Ginger’s bridle, Ginger’s halter, Ginger’s original saddle.  A particular mellow selection of songs on Pandora radio and 101 other reminders made my heart ache and the tears poured again easily.  Fancy has been a good diversion but the pain of losing Ginger is still so close to the surface. 


Photo Nov 13, 4 54 33 PM


Speaking of which, today was also herd integration day; all five horses are now together.  And it went fairly well, thank goodness.   That is Fancy standing to the right of Baby; eating from the same bale.  Who’d of thunk?  I guess Baby must have figured out that the key to getting back with Blue is being nice to the new girl.  The corral is open to the pasture so they all have plenty of room to get away from each other.  Help her make it through the night….




  1. The trailer looks great. I don't think you'll have any trouble with Fancy loading or with her integrating, she seems very sensible.

    There will be many times that something will trigger a memory of Ginger. Although she is gone she will never be forgotten. It's so hard though to work through the pain of loss.

  2. I dream of a trailer like that someday. (I dream of a trailer, period!) Sorry for your bit of melancholy... I wish they could live so much longer.

  3. I'm sure you'll be heartsore for sometime. Ginger will always be the cream at the top.

    Good job with winterizing. I've started too as well...but won't put mine completely away, as our winters aren't nearly as severe.
    Wow...perfect het assimilation, how often does that happen?!!!

  4. well! Thats some cool trailer!!....I cant tell mine from the Mud on the road!!!! All the same colour!

  5. Sounds like you got a lot done. Love the living quarters in the trailer.

  6. Good job with the trailer! I gave mine a good cleaning a couple weeks ago. I don't mind using it all winter but it just feels nice to get it squeaky clean every couple months :)

    Hugs about Ginger. :-/ Glad Fancy is finding her place in the herd.


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