Dec 16, 2011

Flying South & Back


Photo Dec 09, 5 03 28 PM


What a difference a few days make!  When I left home on Monday, this is what it looked like.


Photo Dec 16, 10 25 11 AM


And today it is all gone again. 


You won’t catch me complaining or dreaming of a white Christmas.  It’s just fine the way it is.  I just returned from yet another warm climate trip; this time to Austin and Houston, Texas.  I really think when I grow up, I am going to be a snow bird and winter in the warmer weather states.  It was so hard to open the elevator in the parking garage at the airport last night to 19 degrees.  It is so not right. 


I did meet a couple horse people while I was gone.  One is a dressage rider and the other a hunter/jumper; perhaps not my discipline but at least it gave me an opportunity to talk horse, if only for a few minutes.


Now that I have landed for hopefully the last time this year, I have to face the music:  Christmas shopping.  Oh how I long for the days when I could do it all online and did.  But the boys are older and pickier now, so I take them shopping to help me choose gifts for them and each other.  It works okay that way, but planning the shopping trip around my work, travel and their school hours puts us right up to the wire.  I refuse to let it stress me out (as I take a deep breath…. breathe, breathe, breathe….) 


Photo Dec 16, 10 44 29 AM


Other news:  while sitting in airports or waiting for people to arrive, I discovered Words With Friends.  I know, its probably old news to you, but what a joy to find another time-killer!  And a fun one at that.  I really thought I was pretty well-spoken until I am trying to find that elusive word that has a J or an X in it.  I also realize my vocabulary is rather simple. 




Finally, we have 23 teams to date in The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby!  This is going to be fun! 


  1. Bottom right corner. Haji - one who has completed the pilgrimage to Mecca. I am the BOMB at playing other people's games after the fact, but not so good at playing my own games. ;)

  2. Thanks!! I hadn't played my turn yet so haji it is! It scored me 15 points!

  3. LOL that's awesome and it made my morning! :D

  4. I'll make sure and post the next time I'm stumped..... :)

  5. Oh wow! I would love it if our snow would all melt away like that. In the past, that's just what it usually has done. But we're having wacky weather this year and I've not seen brown earth in 14 days! bleh! I'd be happy if this old, crusty, hard packed, crumbly concrete snow would melt so we could get some fresh powder.

    Lucky you to get to go somewhere warm. I would so love to be a snowbird, too!

    Never heard of Words with Friends. I bet you discover a lot of interesting ways to keep busy when traveling so much.


  6. I'll have to check out that Words with Friends. Sounds interesting. I love Scrabble but have no one to play it with. I'm also a Sudoku freak.

    If you're ever passing through Albuquerque on your travels, call me!


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