Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All


Photo Dec 24, 6 56 59 AM


Merry Christmas, everyone.  It’s my favorite day of the holiday season because it means all of my shopping is done and it is what it is.  Just waiting for the boys to get up to open presents.  They got to open one gift last night.  They made a deal to open two, but when they got to the first one, they forgot all about opening another one.  I gave them smartphones.  I’ll probably regret it.  At least with McCain because he loses everything.  Case has managed to hang on to his phone for the two year requirement so hopefully he’ll be as good with this one.  And maybe they will now stay off of my computer because they can Facebook on their phones. 




Its suppose to be in the high forties again today.  A white Christmas is definitely overrated.  I’ll take these temps any time.  I hooked up my little trailer to my new Ram and hauled over to ride with my friend, Mary, yesterday.  She took the above picture with her Droid; said she wasn’t sure why it ended up in sepia so you can’t see the UPS brown.  She called it “dark chocolate”.  I guess that sounds a little better.  And please note that I was backing out of her long driveway, not pulling in.  And also note that I did it pretty much in one swoop.  Have I mentioned that I love my truck?


Photo Dec 24, 3 15 39 PM


The weather outside was delightful.  High forties, little wind.  We did a little road riding and then entered some “government” property which I won’t say where at because we were probably trespassing but luckily we didn’t get shot.  I am only exaggerating a bit because Mary said it was perfectly a-okay for us to ride there and never mind those cameras or barbed wire or booby traps (wink).  There were lots of dirt service roads where we could really move out.  We entered a couple little forest areas with lot of downed trees that the horses had to be mindful of stepping over.  I am getting ready for The Distance Derby; I need to get Windy in shape.  We rode a little over 9 miles in nothing more than Goretex, a vest and a thick sweater.  I did tie a coat to my saddle just in case, but didn’t need it. 


I am thinking a lot of my friend, Renee, who died recently and of her family who is having to wake up to this holiday without her.   My prayers are with them that even though their heart is heavy, that they find some peace and joy today. 


To all of you whom I know personally or just via cyberspace:  Merry Christmas.  May your day be warm and happy and full of making memories. 



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