Dec 17, 2011

Sunny in Nebraska


The temps creeped up to almost fifty today… 48 to be exact.  I continue to be in denial with regards to the shopping that needs to be done for the upcoming holiday especially when time is so much better spent on the back of a horse.  My dilemma today:   Do I ride in the morning while the ground is still frozen but temps aren’t as nice or wait until midday knowing that it will be muddy and road riding is my only option?  I don’t mind road riding – our roads are usually pretty quiet -- but this time of year the farmers have the dang electric fencing so close to the road and after my accident last winter when we got hung up in e-fence, I get a bit apprehensive.  I count on those big shoulders for moving to if there is traffic coming that I am not comfortable with.  I just needed to get out and around and scope out the safe roads so I’ll be good to go the rest of the winter.  I asked John if he’d ride with me and he said he would, once it warmed up.


Photo Dec 17, 1 00 02 PM


When we headed out to the corral, I warned him that his mare, Miss Fancy Pants, was not so fancy yesterday; she had rolled in the mud and by the looks of it, she was the only one.  Well, I spoke to soon.  Evidently Miss Windy Poo heard me talking about a quick ride down the road and did a stop, drop and roll in the muddiest part of the corral.  Needless to say, John had his mare cleaned up about the time I got the big chunks off Poo. 


Photo Dec 17, 2 10 14 PM


We headed west down our road and turned at the first south mile.  There is a pack of dogs (domestic) that like to chase the car when I drive by in the morning so I usually don’t go that way.  But since I left Ritz at home, I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how Fancy handled them.  Both mares kind of locked up at that farm, but it was more due to a trailer with cattle moving around than the yappy dogs.  I urged Windy on and we moved on past, turning west at the next mile road. 


Photo Dec 17, 2 27 44 PM


We kept a nice pace between walk/trot & lope.  John was disappointed that Fancy would not move out and was quite happy following Windy at a distance.  Ginger was the lead horse and grew up on the trails.  Fancy is a pleasure trained horse.  It isn’t going to happen overnight and he shouldn’t compare the mares; Fancy will never be Ginger.  I suggested that if perhaps he put more time on her this winter and spring and if he wasn’t enjoying himself that we could sell her and look for one more to his liking.  He backpedaled quickly and agreed that this is all new to her and he needs to give her a chance and I couldn’t agree more.  I do think I am going to get him some blunt spurs for Christmas.  Windy tends to drag if don’t keep on her and just a touch of a dull rowel usually reminds her to keep moving. 


Photo Dec 17, 2 23 52 PM


We did just over eight miles.  These are the types of rides I need for next year’s Distance Derby.  


Until then… 


I know, I know


               Christmas shopping. 


It’s killin’ me!   


               I’d rather be riding.



  1. Beau-ti-ful! My favorite type of view down the road through pony ears. I didn't get out to ride yesterday, but can't wait for it to warm up today. Who would have thought we'd see weather like this in December! Hope your shopping goes quickly :)

  2. Good that you got a ride in. The temps seem really good for this time of year. We were having 40-50's too until, of course, I remarked how nice it was this year. It was 12 out this morning.

    I hope Fancy works out and you don't sell her, she seems like a wonderful horse. Good luck shopping and Merry Christmas.

  3. Between you & me and couple of my blog readers, if Fancy doesn't work out for John, I'd most likely keep her for myself. She is different enough from Windy that I could take her a different direction; perhaps dabble in some open shows in my spare time. But I was just pulling his chain a bit so he would think about how little he has been on her and challenge him to work with her more.

  4. Eh - you have boys. You can get it all done with one stop at Best Buy if you have to. Ride!

  5. Sounds like a good ride once you got those DIRTY horses cleaned up. lol.

  6. I'm with you---Fancy seems far too nice a horse to turn lose of easily. And then, there are still six shopping days left, go ride!


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