Dec 27, 2011

When Vacation is Really Vacation


I always seem to end up taking time off between Christmas and New Years because I have vacation time to burn.  Technically, I am in the sales department at work and most of the January 1 sales are in by that time, so it is typically a slow week.  I kick myself because I could have enjoyed those days off during nice weather but it is also good to spend time with the boys.  Two years ago, we had a major snowstorm and were snowed in for most of that time.  This year is nothing like that one! 




Yesterday, temps once again got close to fifty degrees.  Don’t let our heavy clothes fool you; the wind was blowing so we dressed for it, but never once got cold.  You can see my heavy coat tied behind the saddle and it stayed there until I unloaded at home later than evening. 


Photo Dec 26, 2 02 54 PM


I trailered about fifty miles yesterday to join some friends for an afternoon ride on the MoPac trail from Eagle.  A little farther than I like to go for a day ride, but knowing who I was riding with, I knew we wouldn’t cut it short.  And we didn’t.   It is a pretty ride; we chose to ride the stretch east of Eagle toward Elmwood, which is about 7 miles.  Up there and back, we logged a little over 14 miles and since my friends ride gaited horses, we moved along at a pretty good clip which is the way I like to ride.


Photo Dec 26, 2 05 27 PM


This trail is a limestone hiking/biking trail with a parallel equestrian trail.  Although the limestone is tough enough for horse traffic, we try to stay on the dirt horse trail as much as we can, but found it hadn’t been cleared recently and were fighting low branches along the way. 


Photo Dec 26, 7 12 56 PM


After our ride, Mary and I called our husbands to meet us for Mexican food.  A nice break from holiday eating.  My boys even stopped by the restaurant for a free meal.  (Case on the left, McCain to his right.) 




Today is to be the chilliest of the week, so no horse time.  Will get caught up on some other things around here.  But look at these temps for the rest of the week!  Unheard of in Nebraska this time of year.  What a blessing; what a treat!  A real vacation after all.








  1. That's so nice that the weather is holding in a warming pattern. We have it too and after the last few years it is welcome. Glad you got a nice ride in, hope there are more to come.

  2. My kinda vacation!

  3. It's been weird but wonderful indeed!

  4. Hey, Tammy... I'm new to Lincoln and have gaited horses too. Wanna introduce me to your friends? Pretty please?

  5. Is it not absolutely fabulous outside? Such a gift to have such beautiful weather - and unfrozen ground - this time of year. Happy trails :)

  6. I'm taking complete advantage of the awesome weather today. I'll be riding my spotted brat and then hauling my trailer into town - to have the pop-up vents replaced. They were shattered in a hail storm last summer and have been held in place with duct tape since them. Seems silly not to just go get that take care of while I can!
    I'm driving down by Ithica tomorrow to look at a used saddle and some horses....looking to buy another youngster next year.


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