Jan 20, 2012

Better Day By Day


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Glancing outside can be deceiving. The sun is shining but winter is certainly back. Although there is no snow at home, the parking lot at work received a dusting and it hasn’t gone anywhere; evidence to the chilly temperatures. Single digits. January. It’s just as well. My activity level has dropped to next to nothing. Although my headaches have went away, my lower back is still very sore.  And there are moments I feel I am relapsing but for the most part, I am getting better day by day. 




After studying the human anatomy, I have determined the pain to be coming primarily from the thoracolumbar fascia area and my pain is specifically in the area circled in green.  Additional pain may be found in the iliac crest, gluteal aponeurosis and the gluteus maximum muscle itself. The spotted areas in purple is the bruising that changes daily; if you didn’t know it, you would think I was tattooed. (I’m not). Let’s just say I am glad that is behind me and I don’t have to look at it all the time because while I am somewhat fascinated with bruising, where this has gone is pretty bad.  Scary is too nice of word!


While I am certainly not the epitome of picture perfect health, I am very active and other than complaining about the extra poundage, I really don’t have any health issues.  I won’t drive around a parking lot looking for the closest space and I never take the elevator at work unless absolutely necessary.  Not having taken any pain pills yesterday, by afternoon I was becoming quite crabby and I needed (NEEDED!) Hot Tamale candies.  That candy dispenser is one floor down and let me tell you, I seriously thought about the elevator.  (Insert whining noise here.)     



Although there may be some warm up this weekend, it is not going to go above the norm like it has been lately.  I don’t think I’ll ride this weekend; give myself a few more days to heal.  I let the horses out to pasture.  There is not much grazing this time of year but I am sure it felt good for them to get out and stretch there legs. 




  1. :air hugs:

    If it's still puffy/bruised, make sure you ice it every now and then! The only way I can properly take care of myself when I get hurt is to ask "what would I do if this happened to my horse" - that makes me get out the ice pack, rub on the Biofreeze, take the pain pills, etc. Treat yourself like one of your horses!

  2. What Funder said.

    Except maybe, don't put yourself out to pasture...


  3. It's not whining when you have a legitimate complaint!

  4. Glad your headaches are gone. Back pain is one of the worst things to deal with. Maybe you should take a trip to the doctor just to make sure you're on a healing track. Hope you feel better soon.

    We're in for about six to eight inches of snow tonight. Not looking forward to that.

  5. What in the world happened? Did you fall? Or just wear and tear? I always do what Funder does--think of it in horse terms and then I know how to treat, lol.

    I also never look for the closest spot and always take the stairs.

    I'm reading your posts to catch up.


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