Jan 7, 2012

Blogger Help


Since 2004, I have owned the website Horsetrailriders.com.  I started it as a way to share information about horse trails in our state, upcoming trail rides and horse events and of course, had a Classifieds sections, as well.  With the advent of such forums as Craigslist and Facebook, my small Classifieds became quite laborious (how’s that for a Words With Friends word) than a labor of love and I shut it down this week.  I invited readers to post their classifieds on my Horsetrailriders Facebook page. 


Why do you care?  Because I need help.  Technical help.  And searching through the help pages of Yahoo and Google have been no help at all, so maybe one of you know the quick and easy answer to this. 


I own the domain Horsetrailriders.com (HTR) and it is hosted by Yahoo.  If you go to www.horsetrailriders.com you will see that it resembles this blog, but it isn’t.  It is its own page. 


I blog on Horsetrailriders.blogspot.com (Blog) and have links in the sidebar that go to various HTR pages. 


I would like to use Horsetrailriders.com as the name of this blog and continue to use blogger for publishing – basically discontinue the Yahoo web hosting & move those HTR pages over here to Blogger.   If someone enters www.horsetrailriders.com, I want them redirected HERE on Blogger.


I tried finding out how to redirect or forward HTR to Blogger and the page on Yahoo that it talks about in their Help section cannot be found when I click where it says.  Then it talks way over my head about code….. blah, blah, blah.


I am thinking maybe Yahoo isn’t my answer – that Blogger can do all this for me.  That Blogger might let me use my domain horsetrailriders.com right here. 


But how?


If there is a simple way, please let me know via comments or email.  Meanwhile, I’ll continue to delve into the Help sections of hell….


  1. This is what I do for a living, so I can certainly help you. It's a bit complicated, though, so I will email you instructions. :)

  2. It looks like Yahoo supports what the call "Domain forwarding", so it should be fairly easy. Just go to your domain configuration, set it for domain forwarding, and paste in "http://horsetrailriders.blogspot.com" without the quotes.
    When people go to your domain, it will redirect to this blog.
    I've not used the Yahoo domain configuration tools, but I saw the feature listed here: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/domains/#domain forwarding
    There are many similar solutions, but this one is easy and requires no coding on your part. If Yahoo doesn't work for you, I helped a neighbor do this with www.1and1.com and it was breeze.


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