Jan 14, 2012

Eatin’ Dirt 2012

I should have stuck with housework.  But noooo.  Tempted by the sunshine and the desire to put on some more Distance Derby miles, I fetched my favorite horse, Windy, and rode for about eight miles.  Not a quick ride; moderate compared to late, and refreshing.  I still had some daylight left and decided I would put a couple miles on Fancy; finish out the day with 10 miles on the chart. 




Fancy and I had an unexpected parting of ways today.  Things I learned:

  • Bean fields are not soft. Although preferred over a gravel road, there is not much give.
  • Its hard to decide if the tailbone or the hip hurts; they are pretty close to each other.
  • I’m pretty sure the tailbone is connected to the clavicle because it hurts too.
  • And the shoulder.
  • And my temporomandibular joint.
  • And my pride. 
  • My helmet took an impact because my right ear hurts.  Helmets are not overrated.
  • I landed on the side of my coat where my iPhone was located & it survived. 
  • Wear a helmet and carrying the cell phone on the body – important rules of the trail - paid off.  Although I was barely out of our driveway, I called my son to come and get me.   He gave me the “really, Mom?” look. 


What happened?  Who knows.  I took her out a little farther than she was comfortable and when she decided enough was enough, we had a communication problem.  She didn’t buck or rear; she just wanted to go back to the barn NOW and while I didn’t disagree, I was asking for a bit more control.  We dropped into a ditch, there may have been an unexpected spurring, I lost my seat and we parted ways.  It happens.  


So four advil and a long soak in the tub probably wouldn’t have been needed had I stuck with housework today.  But what fun is that?  I am just hoping I am not too stiff tomorrow; the weather is suppose to be even nicer.  I’d like to get a few more miles on the Leaderboard.




  1. Well, we've all been there. Glad you were wearing your helmet and the coat probably helped too. Hope you aren't too stiff tomorrow and can get some more miles in. Let's hope this is the last dirt eating incident for 2012.

  2. Glad you're ok and nothing was broken.


  3. Sounds like me the weekend before Christmas, other then I took a bad fall with no helmet, thank god I did not land on my head, but did land on the hip, they thought I had broke my hip, so $7000 later, NO, the hip was not broke, but I can still feel it to this day, very stiff, or is that old age kicking in, I dont know. Hope the horse is ok, after my fall, it took me over 2 weeks before I could actually think about getting back on. Hoping tomorrow you feel better.

  4. Ouch! Glad you are ok. Allow your self time to heal.

  5. Glad your ok! Its always a shocker when there is a parting of the ways!

    I know.

  6. Ow!! Hope you aren't too stiff!

  7. Glad you're okay, though very sore, I know. What a nasty shock to the system. I came within a lucky hairsbreadth of a similar occurrence the last ---and it will BE the last tome I rode my new mule. Too barn sour for me and too willing to pull out the stops for me at this stage on my life. Wish I was the rider you are!

  8. Been there done that, so glad your OK. Glad you were wearing a helmet!!!

  9. The worst wreck I saw involved unexpected and unintended spurring. My friend never rode again. Glad you're not hurt too bad.


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