Jan 2, 2012

First Ride; Last Day


What time does that Husker game start today?  Should be a good time to get out and put some miles on my horse.  Although there typically is very little traffic along my roads, riding during the Husker game should pretty much guarantee a quiet ride.  The fact that the high is only going to be 34 with wind might thwart any riding plans.  Call me a weenie; we’ve been spoiled. 


Run 013


We finished up the last of our family get-togethers at my home town this past weekend and pulled in at dusk last night to find the horses were out.  All was well, but I did kick myself because I had noticed before I left that one of the panel fencing was compromised with just one pin holding it, no doubt from the big belgian mare leaning over it to reach a waiting bale.  It would have taken me all of 3 minutes to put the other pin back in and find some baling wire to reinforce it, but on my way to doing that, I must have started doing something else and forgot all about it. 


The herd was glad to see us and willingly followed us into the corral.  They had slipped through a small opening in the panels to get out but I don’t think going back in would have been as easy.  I know there was probably 10 gallons in a tank in the opened round pen and it was gone, so they must have been thirsty.  Who knows how long they were out; could have been 1 or 24 hours.   It gives me heart palpitations thinking about it.  Thank God our alfalfa field kept them home. 




The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby started yesterday with riders already logging miles.   Check out the Leaderboard.  I need to get going; hate to be left behind! 


Photo Dec 30, 5 26 32 PM


It’s back to work and the real world tomorrow.  I’m going to miss the sunrises out my front door and the sunsets out my back door, my team of dogs who are at my feet 24/7 and saddling up and riding mid-afternoon.  I guess I need to go back to pay for the privilege. 


  1. Glad they didn't go too far. Going back to work is a bummer but it does pay for our privileges. I sometimes wonder if the horses appreciate all we do for them.:) Good luck with your miles this year, if the weather holds you should have no problem getting a head start.

  2. Well if you went for that ride, I hope you were home before people were on the roads again because I bet they were CRABBY.

    I spent the game cooking and ran to the store of course. :)

  3. It's good that the horses didn't come to any harm getting out like they did.
    Your horsetrailers' distance derby sounds exciting. I would join but I don't want to be embarrassed by how few miles I actually ride.


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