Jan 22, 2012



I am in the process of merging Horsetrailriders.com and this blog.  For an untechy person like me, it isn’t easy and it is kind of clunky right now.  But soon “the two shall be as one”. 




In the meantime, I have added tabs up above which will link you to Horse Trails (in Nebraska) and Trail Rides (in Nebraska and surrounding areas).  Come springtime, our Platte River Riders schedule will be housed here and I have put out the information about this spring’s Friday AFTER Mother’s Day Ride (note new day.)  




I did have an opportunity to update the Horse Trails information.  I added some new pictures and also linked back to blog posts that I may have done about a certain area.  Might provide additional insight if you are wanting to check out a new trail. 


runbuck 102a-1a


The Classifieds page is forever sunsetted from this website but you are welcome to post your ad on the Horsetrailriders.com Facebook page.  Ads should be equine in nature and kept regional, meaning limited to Nebraska and surrounding states. 



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