Jan 22, 2012

I Probably Shouldn’t Have….


sun moon 001


Sometimes you need to put mental health before physical health.  And if I pay for it tomorrow, I’ll try and remember that statement. 


I probably shouldn’t have, but I did.  I rode today.  I didn’t plan to ride.  I didn’t plan to do anything but more of nothing which I have been doing for several days now.  But duty required me to get out of my pajamas, that I had been wearing since the day before, and run to the store.  John had told me it wasn’t too bad outside and he was right; although not warm by any means, it was certainly better than the single digits from earlier this week. 


I’ve been nursing this pesky injury.  I double-downed on the pain killers last night, took a long, hot bath and slept with a heating pad.  As a result of one or all of the above, I have to admit I felt a wee bit better this morning.  The mom in me said I probably shouldn’t; but the rider in me said to “go for it”.


I saddled up Windy before I could change my mind and headed to the field where Fancy had her meltdown.  And we kept on going and going and going.  Oh, not that far; did a bit over 5 miles at a rather slow pace, but nothing hurt while riding and it was good for my soul.


Photo Nov 12, 5 09 01 PM


After I got back to the barn, I decided Fancy still owed me those two miles from our parting of ways.  I took the saddle off Windy and quickly saddled Fancy.  I put Ritz in the truck; couldn’t catch the fool dog – he knows when I’m up to something – but when I opened the truck door and motioned for him to jump in, I got him!  I didn’t need his help today.


Fancy stood quietly at the mounting block and I swung my leg over.  I took a deep breath before I asked her to walk on.  We started in the arena and after getting my groove, I asked for a trot and she complied.  We trotted around the arena several directions until I was comfortable enough to open the gate and go out into the field.  Not as far as the “scene of the crime” but our field in front of the barn. 




This is what we did for 3.2 miles.  The big red splotch is the arena and the lines are our tracks in the field.  Up and down, back and forth, walk and trot.  We’d go farther each time and then circle around and come back.  She didn’t have any moments of hesitation; she was attentive and easy to ride.  My goal was to keep her in her comfort zone and me in mine.


I leave tomorrow for Texas; hopefully these eight miles helped stretch some of my tight muscles out and not hinder the healing.  Actually, I feel better tonight than I have all week.  Like I said, could be the ride made all the difference.  Or the drugs.  Or both.


Its snowing now.  January in Nebraska.




  1. Hope you feel good today. Great ride, yay!

  2. I'd call that "therapeutic riding". Glad it went well. I just left another comment on your Jan 15 post. Glad you are on the mend.

  3. I'd agree that it was a very therapeutic ride...and much longer than most of my 'therapy rides'. Your GPS plot looks a lot like mine, but mine never looks a thing like my ride. The crazy thing just goes off on its own and adds a bunch of weird stuff; think it's time for a newer version. You're on the mend!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  4. Proud of you- that's quite a few miles you put. Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Well you know what they say about falling off the horse. I'd say getting back on was exactly what you needed.


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