Jan 20, 2012


A long time ago, I loaded the Instagrams app on my iPhone; something I read about on The Pioneer Woman.  But I haven’t had much of an opportunity to mess with it.  Then the other day, I came across a picture of Windy that was so crisp and clear, that I decided to play around with it a bit on Photoshop. 

windy 035

Photo Jan 20, 9 46 31 PM

The top picture of Windy is straight out of the camera.  While not a bad picture really, I decided to liven it up a bit.  I won’t pretend to be able to tell you step by step what I did to this picture but it seemed to work.  I then sent it over to my iPhone via Dropbox (another must have app which I do use all the time) and uploaded it to Instagram.  The above picture was the end result.

winter horses 040

Photo Jan 20, 9 09 43 PM

I did the same with this picture of Ginger taken last winter.  I didn’t do anything with it in Photoshop but did choose an Instragram setting.  Its funny, but it almost looks like she has moved slightly. 

Both photos offer a bit more drama than the straight out of the camera picture.  It’s a fun little program to play with and another time killer.

(I changed the first picture on the post below to an Instagram 1977 setting.)



  1. I don't know what processing Instagram does to photos, but it definitely rearranged things in the second picture. Look at the distance between the branch and her eye. It stretched her back or moved the branch somehow.

  2. Funder - you are right. I kept looking at it thinking something was different and was drawn to the angle of her face. But yes, the distances are changed. Interesting.

  3. My husband says Instagram changes the focal point but my head exploded when he tried to explain it. o.O

  4. Before it explodes any further... it also put the points of her ears in the picture and they weren't shown in the out of camera shot...

  5. Yeeeep there it goes, KABOOM


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