Jan 8, 2012

Kindred Spirits


How many of you would agree that weekends go WAY too fast?  I see a lot of hands raised.  And when it’s a fair weather weekend with only two more days of it forecasted, it makes it doubly hard to think about sitting in an office all day!  But… it pays the horse bills.  Suck it up. 




I just saw the above sign on Facebook.   Ah, I think this horse rider might.  When I see the bikers out on days like we have been having, I can’t help but think of them as kindred spirits; just chasing the sunshine and warm breezes like the horse trail riders. 


Photo Jan 06, 3 46 23 PM


I rode four out of five of them this weekend.  Fancy got the long workout when we rode the Oak Creek with my friends on Friday.  It was a 14 miles round trip ride with gaited horses.  Fancy put her big girl pants on and picked up the pace.  It was a fun ride.


Photo Jan 07, 3 22 14 PM


Yesterday I took Windy out on the roads and she felt a little off.  I had noticed a little blood along her coronary band and wondered if she didn’t have a small abscess.  I brought her home and put her up and pulled out the “Tubby Twosome”.  Since they both suffer a bit from buddysourness, I decided to ride one and pony the other. 


Photo Jan 07, 4 09 53 PM


Blue did really good ponying Butter.  He actually felt like he enjoyed being out.  We did some trotting but with Blue it can be pretty teeth jarring; he’s very rough.  He looks like a percheron or a Tennessee Walker in the above picture.  Just the picture; he is 100%  quarter horse.


Photo Jan 07, 4 17 51 PM


I switched off and headed out on Butter ponying Blue.  She is a lot smoother ride but can get a bit snotty.  And stubborn?  Wow!  We had a few “come to jesus” moments.  You could just see Blue telling her, “don’t make waves… just keep moving!”  As a little “bonus” for her little outbursts, she got to do some laps in the arena after the ride. 


Photo Jan 08, 4 28 12 PM


I finished out tonight’s ride under the sunset shown above.  Managed to snap that with my iPhone – it was quite incredible.  I have logged just under 42 miles in The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby – enough to keep me in the top 10, I think.  Last count, the total of all riders is over 900 miles! 




  1. Nearly 42 miles and it's only the 9th of January. This winter will be one to remember!

  2. I'll be riding vicariously with you for the next couple weeks, but darn, you've got some energy, girl!

  3. Glad you took advantage of the weather. Just two more days of above 30 here in Michigan, and we WILL BE OUT RIDING!


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