Jan 11, 2012

Winter Found Us


Photo Jan 10, 6 04 58 PM


I knew we couldn’t hide for long; that Old Man Winter was lurking behind the trees waiting impatiently while Mother Nature handed out her unexpected blessings. 


Last night, knowing it was the last night of this great un-January-like weather, I rushed home, changed clothes and saddled Windy and took off through the fields.  I had learned the night before that even though it is dusk, when you are moving out at an average of 7 – 9 mph, extra clothing is NOT necessary; heck, even my hair was wet with sweat under my helmet. 


We did a quick loop; over five miles in about 40 some minutes, getting back to the place about dark – the moon not yet rising.  I towel dried Windy as her thick winter coat was as wet with sweat as the back of my head. 


Right now, the temp is sitting in the low 20’s and the wind is howling from the north as if to tell us that it ain’t over yet; maybe its just begun.  Shiver me timbers….




  1. You sound more like a "Pirate" today!!lol.
    20 F thats pretty cold! Wrap up warm!!

  2. We've had rain lately. But it's going down to the 20's over the weekend. I consider that too cold to ride so I'll be staying in except when necessary.

  3. Hi I'm a show jumping rider from Italy =)
    I love the first pictures!
    keep in touch: www.iconadeironchi.blogspot.com
    fb: www.facebook.com/IconaDeiRonchi

    see you soon =)

  4. They're saying we might have 50' on Sunday here, but yesterday morning it was 6' - I could live with that, but the wind along with it was really bitter. Doesn't seem possible it's midway through January until we get a day like that.


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