Feb 4, 2012

The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby


Late last year, I announced on this blog the start of The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby and very quickly seventy-four riders signed up to participate.  And it has been a huge success – partly because of the unseasonable winter weather that many of us across the country have been experiencing -- and most likely because its fun to do something different with your own horse that does not require trailering or group participation.  Its just horse and rider.


I bring it up here because there are about 16 riders that have not submitted any miles to date.  And it could be they simply aren’t riding yet.  I know we have one participant from Alaska and she has not been getting the mild weather we have here in the lower 48.  But I thought perhaps others just may have forgotten they signed up or lost The Distance Derby blog address where miles are recorded.  Miles must be recorded within 7 days of the ride to be considered in the Derby. 




Here is the Leaderboard of miles.  Its incredible that we have had riders hitting 200 and 300 miles already and yes, they are from the midwest.  Riders in the top two positions are from Iowa.  The rider in 3rd place is from Nebraska (with Iowa roots).  What the heck?  Nebraskans?  We need to get out there! 


If you signed up for this Derby and have decided not to participate, please click here to send me an email.  Just give me your name and team # and let me know that you won’t be participating.  And if you do plan to participate and just haven’t been out yet, no problem at all!   Ride when you can.   


If you are curious about The Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby, visit that blog and read the riders’ bios.  They come from all over the county and have as a group, ridden over 3,000 miles since January 1. 

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