Feb 20, 2012

Just Forgetaboutit…..

I just can’t stand pulling up my website and being reminded of the dent in my new truck.  Someday John said he’ll pull the tail light off and see if he can’t just pop it out.  I am not overly optimistic.  If it works, great.  If he can’t, oh well.  The first cut is the deepest. (Name that song.)  I’m over it now.  Forgetaboutit already!

Photo Feb 19, 1 54 04 PM

We did get out for a ride yesterday with our friends, Mary and Dwight.  They do live in the county and are perhaps our closest riding buddies but still far enough to have to trailer when we plan a ride.  Mary and I try to take turns so one of us is not always doing the trailering.  Mary and Dwight also don’t mind getting out and moving, so we had a nice time road trotting and cantering down her gravel roads as well as riding in the fields along the creek.

I took this video of John on Fancy; I really enjoyed watching her increase her strides while trotting next to Windy and me.  I only wish I had a video of her canter earlier in the day.  She moved beautifully into frame and looked so smooth.  I was in awe watching her.  I think John had a good ride.  I know I did. 

After a twelve mile ride, I came home and worked out to a new DVD, Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns and Thighs.  Oh.  My.  Gawd.  She was likely to kill me!  I know her exercises aren’t easy;  I have been doing the 30-Day Shred and haven’t got past level one.  But this one is tough.  I couldn’t even follow some of the modified exercises.  But let me tell you, I feel it today!  So it must work!  I am working toward a specific weigh and jean size goal.  If the workout doesn’t kill me first. 



  1. Don't worry about the dent. It's disheartening but it will work out in the end.

    Fancy looks great, what a nice horse. Glad you all got out for a ride.

    The exercise video sounds like a killer. Good luck with that.

  2. Thought I'd share this, in light of "the dent" :)

    When we bought our new-to-us dually it came a few scuff marks. Not the smallest is a crunch mark right under the rear headlight on the left side where it looks as if the previous owner misjudged the distance to something hefty. When my dad came to visit he, of course, had to inspect the new truck. I was pointing out the dent, not that he could have missed it. He grinned and said the company he worked for had a client that bought a new pick-up religiously every two years. The first thing the guy did when he got his new truck home was take a baseball bat and put a good-sized whack mark in one of the quarter panels. His reasoning was that the first dent is always the hardest, and since he did a lot of driving on rough to non-existent roads, he might as well get the pain over with and stop worrying about his paint job.

    Not sure how his insurance company liked it, but it made me chuckle - and I have to admit, knowing I already have a dent in the back does make me worry less about adding the occasional scratch and rock chip.


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